Watch how quick and easy it is to assemble the SCOUT

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Miroslav Svec (the lead designer of the SCOUT) explains some tips for assembling the SCOUT carbon paramotor.
A real time video shows how easy and simple it is, ready to fly within few minutes.

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All the carbon fibre components fit into two small bags. Tied together to the carbon propeller it is possible to carry it all in just one hand.

First pull out the carbon stand and assemble the bottom part. Now the SCOUT stands on its own. Continue to mount the carbon fibre spars.
Hold all the cage ring sections together. Start with the inner one and put in place, continue installing the other ones by unfolding the netting
– Push only one end of each section at first. You can finish it later when both hands are free.
– Push the carbon ring sections only half-way down – just enough to hold in place.
– Make sure the safety netting stays on the front side, of course
– Keep the tensioning line hooked into a circle as this prevents the tensioning line from getting tangled.

When all cage ring sections are in place your hands are now free to finish the job by pushing the ring sections all the way until they click, The last one is a little harder, so press firmly.

Now undo the snap hook and place the tensioning line behind the harness THROUGH the loop on the tensioning strap. Hook the snap hook in on the second knot. Tighten the tensioning line by pushing the line down with one hand and pulling the tensioning strap.

Install the prop and you are ready to fly:-)
Fly safe and enjoy!

SCOUT carbon paramotor is probably the most innovative paramotor. It incorporates unique technology of Dynamic Torque Compensation (patent pending) that enhances safety, comfort and handling of powered paragliding.

“Overall this machine meets more safety goals than any other machine I’ve tested.”
Jeff Goin (

“I had read about the torque technology and intentionally wanted to tested it out. So when I hit the throttle I would feel a very slight tug (only for as long as it takes to blink) and then it would disappear. It really works.”
Ryan Southwell (Videographer and Paramotor Pilot)

“Overall: Very nice. Experienced pilots will really appreciate the balance of comfort, power, weight, size and handling. For beginners who insist on starting with low hookins, this is a good choice given the well-managed torque compensation. It’s great to see this level of innovation.”
Jeff Goin (