Vittorazi Moster Plus – engine review

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quick summary for those who do not want to read long things> first :-), then :-(, then :-(, after first starter pull “WOW”, then :-)))))) …. at the end “WOW-WOW & :-))))”


Unboxing the engine.


First impressions:

– engine as flat as the previous model. This was important to me as it is just enormous advantage to have the weight and rotating mass of the prop close to your back. Great.

– new exhaust seems to be solid. It has completely new shape and it goes further out to the side. It is probably lighter than the old one but then again it has an additional mounting plate added.


– the exhaust has a reinforcement on the most critical part – a double layer reinforcement. Seems legit to me.


– 3 springs holding the exhaust instead of two on the lod Moster. More stripes, more adidas.

– obviously the clutch.

– complete new flash starter – It is an open starter so you can “look into”. This is a nice idea as it is easier to check if everything is OK. The has a nice pulley to lead the rope so it will be possible to position the starter rope in whatever angle without excess friction. On the old model there was only a hole in the casing and if the rope was not in proper angle it could be worn quickly. Smart move Vitto!

– weight:

Old moster 13.4kg
Polini Thor 190 Light 14.2kg
Moster Plus 13.9kg


Unboxing the engine was a little disapointment to me. I was always so proud on SCOUT being so small when disassembled.  Now the exhaust goes a lot more to the side so the overall package will be larger.


Installing the engine


Shit, they have moved the center of prop! Well, this is not something a pilot would care about but I as a designer and manufacturer do. Vittorazi have changed the tensioning mechanism of the belt and the center of prop has been moved by 15mm. So it is not possible to install into old frames.

It looks better not because it is symmetrical but the old design was good so what is the change good for?  Well, we needed to make new drilling and welding templates to make new frame.


Second disapointment came when I assembled the whole paramotor> I cannot rotate one bar all the way down as it hits the exhaust’s new mounting plate. So the disassembled SCOUT paramotor is not so flat anymore and does not fit into my sports coupe nor convertible:-(.


I will replace that unnecessarily long bolt for a shorter one. Hope it helps a little.


Experience during break-in on ground

Here comes the most exciting part> turn the engine on.

WOW No. 1>
Flash starter is a dream. So easy to pull.

WOW No.2>
VERY smooth idle!  The old Moster was a bone-shaker. I love that engine and its shaking on idle was probably the only thing I disliked. Now this is over. The new Moster idles like the top 80. Yes it does.


WOW No.3>
power band 
– overall very continuous power through the whole power range. I was able to keep constant rpm easily at every level (4000,5000,6000,7000,8000) no boost noticed. The polini 190 had a significant boost at 4000rpm and it was either 3800 or 4400 but i could not keep 4000. The moster plus is very continuous. I am impressed.

WOW No.4>
– lot less vibration. Idle is fantastic as mentioned before. Then vibrations slightly increase at 4000 = about the same level as on old Moster. Then it gets smoother again. I dont care about 4000, i need 6000 to keep me at level flight with my wing.


I cannot judge on power, yet. Seems to be about the same as the old moster.


Experince during the short flights (still in break-in)

– everything great just like on ground

– I have not noticed any lag in power or loss of responsiveness due to clutch. But this needs more flights to judge.

– once I get off throttle it takes long time until the idle rpm goes down. It stays around 3000-3500 and slooowly decreases. I have no idea why. And i have not found any reason why it would be bad. Its just something that has surprised me. Maybe this will change over time after more hours on it.

its very silent on idle. I believe I was able to hear my vario if I have had one. Well, maybe thats exagerated …(i will try)…but it was very silent fore sure.

– I cannot judge on noise in flight. Others said it was less noisy than old Moster. Our props are the rather noisy ones. They are plenty efficient and probably better than helix but noisier than helix.




I am very excited about this engine. I love it, I am impressed.

As for reliability the old Moster had a very good record. Few years back the chromed exhausts were known for breaking. Then Vitto changed for black exhaust that was 400 grams more material and no serious issues since then. Without being an expert on engines I believe that significant reduction of vibrations of the Moster Plus and reinforcement would make the exhaust even more reliable.

If its as reliable as the old one, it will be the ultimate paramotor engine.

– clutch and flash starter

– still lighter than competitors

– continuous power-band

– smooth and silent as the polinis (130?)

– reliable as the Moster? – time will tell


Now i need to buy a new car:-)