Used Scout Carbon with Moster Factory 185/ titanium exhaust for sale

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Here we have for sale a well maintained and absolutely beautiful Scout Carbon with a Moster Factory 185 with the titanium exhaust fitted.
This unit belongs to a Scout customer from Budapest who always cared and paid closed attention to his engine.

The engine itself has approx 240 running hours and it was swapped to a new Carbon Scout 100 hours ago. Vittorazi hourly maintenance was done always in time, in the Scout workshops only with original parts, without exception. The 200 hours service was performed also in the Scout workshop with OEM parts without exemption. So, the engine is fully serviced and ready to fly.

Our customer decided to make 50% discount over the whole setup (perfect shape, no damage, no repairs).

Taking into consideration that a new unit with this specifications cost over 10,000 euros the price for this baby will be only: €5000

Unit will be shipped by the owner directly to the buyer.

For any other questions feel free to ask: