,,Unforgettable flying experience!,,

,,This has been the adventure trip of my life,,

,,Pure paramotor porn. Ten of the best minutes of my flying career,,

,,Is it too early to sing up for the Scout Paramotor 2019? :),,

(Iceland adventure 2018)

“Best trip ever!” … “Nothing in the world can describe “

“It was by far the best trip I ever made”

Thank you for joining us in Slovakia trip guys !


I have no words… The difference like a Dacia and a Ferrari. This is Ferrari. INCREDIBLE!! A big thank you. SCOUT is the best paramotor ever. Flying straight! Wow, 1000x thank you! Im very happy.
Csaba Mullner



“Overall this machine meets more safety goals than any other machine I’ve tested.”
Jeff Goin (www.FootFlyer.com)


“Scout is fantastic, whole new level just as you said. I’m freakin’ in love with it. It’s just so smooth power delivery and now I can do rite turns as well lefties under power”
Andy Kershaw



“I really didn’t want to give it back after a few flights and really can’t wait to fly it again.”
Ryan Southwell (Videographer and Paramotor Pilot)


“I had read about the torque technology and intentionally wanted to tested it out. So when I hit the throttle you would feel a very slight tug (as long as it takes to blink) and then it would disappear. It really works.”
Ryan Southwell (Videographer and Paramotor Pilot)

After test flight: ,,Overal impression: Much better then on what I am flying now!”

potential customer

“Best ride ever ….”
Eddie Carter (SCOUT happy customer)

best ride ever



“The fact that it looks cool doesn’t hurt.”
Jeff Goin (www.FootFlyer.com)


“Overall: Very nice. Experienced pilots will really appreciate the balance of comfort, power, weight, size and handling. For beginners who insist on starting with low hookins, this is a good choice given the well-managed torque compensation. It’s great to see this level of innovation.”

Jeff Goin (www.FootFlyer.com)

“The Scout is geared towards that next-generation of hungry pilots who appreciate fine engineering and want every competitive edge to help them succeed, or to at least enjoy the sport to its fullest potential.”
Shane Denherder (SCOUT team pilot)

”There is no torque, nothing…..awesome.”
Griffin Isbell (paramotor pilot tested flied the scout at Beach Blast USA 2015)

”It is really weird to do full throttle turns in both directions…..Since there was no torque on turns the weight-shift felt a lot smoother, there was no resistance…..I think its one of the most Comfortable paramotors I have ever flown just because of those little deatils.”
Noe Chapparo (paramotor pilot testing the SCOUT at Beach Blast USA 2015)