Be safe.

Powered paragliding is an amazing but risky sport. We have to pay attention to every detail to keep the risks low.

Load tested at 2250 kg.


What does this mean? It means the SCOUT harness and frame is certified according to European Standard EN 1651 (even though it is not compulsory in most countries).

It means you can fly safe. It means we can sleep peacefully.

Tested at infinity thumbling.

Our test pilot has put the SCOUT on load. Infinity is one of the most dangerous acro maneuvers. With a paramotor the load can come to over 10Gs at peaks.

Most of us do not do acro, but it is good to know the SCOUT can withstand it.



Thank you Javi Malaguita for all the fun. Enjoy and fly safe.

Smart bar attachment.


Instead of just a bolt holding the bar, we designed the smart bar attachment so that the load is spread out on a larger surface area. The bolt on the SCOUT is not stressed at all.  It is just there to hold the bar in place.


Accident prevention.

The Safe Start system is a  small computer that monitors the revolutions of the engine. In case of the RPM increasing suddenly right after starting the engine, this device will instantly shut the engine off.  

SafeStart comes standard with every SCOUT paramotor.

Integrated reserve parachute container


With The container located under your seat there is nothing hanging around in front of you during launch . Install your reserve parachute permanently, if you need it just grab the handle.

Extra layer of protection.


The ergonomically shaped  carbon protection shield distributes the impact on a larger surface  and  prevents damaged frame tubes injuring  your spine. Just in case.

SCOUT is fully certified.

SCOUT is fully certified according to EU regulations. We have passed certification in Czech Republic and Austria. In most other countries no certification is needed. Yet if it is, you can be sure your SCOUT will be legally flyable.