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This is our newest product the MAGIC COVER (does no magic at all, just sound cool).
– Protect your paramotor from, sunlight and rain ,



– Pack away and Transport your cage assembly

SCOUT-paramotor-magic-cover-4 SCOUT-paramotor-magic-cover-7 SCOUT-paramotor-magic-cover-8 SCOUT-paramotor-magic-cover-9 SCOUT-paramotor-magic-cover-10 SCOUT-paramotor-magic-cover-11


– Use it as a quick pack for your glider.


SCOUT-paramotor-magic-cover-12 SCOUT-paramotor-magic-cover-13 SCOUT-paramotor-magic-cover-14

If you would like to get one, just contact your nearest SCOUT dealer.
Oh and by the way, the MAGIC COVER comes free with every SCOUT paramotor (Or the cage bags. The decision is up to you which freebie you choose).

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