The SCOUT is proudly produced locally: Carbon fibre components, aluminium frame and the propeller are made in Slovakia, the engine is Italian, the harness is made in the Czech Republic.

There is a long tradition of paramotoring and aviation in general in the former Czechoslovakia. There are many manufacturers of paramotors such as Nirvana, Walkerjet or the Nimbus. There are world class manufacturers of paragliders in Czech republic: MacParaSky, Gradient, Axis. The respected Dynamic ultralight aircraft is produced in Slovakia, and now the world’s fastest ultralight as well – the Shark.

We are based in Komarno, Slovakia, central Europe.
Please, do not hesitate to call: +421 907 561 083 (GMT+1)
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Our Team>

Miroslav Svec

Miroslav is the lead designer of the SCOUT and the brain behind.

mob:+421 907 561 083



Queen of operations

mob: +421 907498548



Matej Roder

Video editing

mob: +421 915711366


Stefan Prisecaru

The silent backstage operator 

mob: +40744 866 119

Team Pilot>

Petr Matousek

The results during career:

Member of the Czech National Team since 2002
5th place at the 2003 World Championship
Master of the Czech Republic 2003
1st place at the German Cup 2004
Master of the Czech Republic 2004
3rd place at the World Championship, France 2005
3rd place at the Czech Republic 2005
5th place at the World Championships, China 2007
Mister of the Czech Republic 2007
2nd place at the 2008 European Championship
Master of Germany 2008
Master of the Czech Republic 2008
Multiple World Champion 2009, Czech Republic
Master of the Czech Republic 2009
1st place PL1 CZECH OPEN 2010
1st place PL1 CZECH OPEN 2011
1st place PL1 CZECH OPEN 2012
Master WORLD MPG 2012, Spain
1st place PF1 CZECH OPEN 2013
3rd place PF1 Czech open 2016
7th place PF1 World Championships England 2016