Our Team

Miroslav Svec

SCOUT main brain

research and development, strategy, paramotor adventures

You have ideas to share? You have conceptual questions about paramotor design? You have a dream destination for your next paramotor adventure? DO not hesitate to send Miroslav a message, email preferred.

mob:+421 907 561 083
email: miroslav@scoutparamotor.com

Zuzana Svecova

Queen of operations

orders, payments, shipping, spare parts, …
Zuzana is the most reliable person in our team. You need something delivered?Contact the queen!

mob: +421 907498548
email: zuzana@scoutparamotor.com

Stefan Prisecaru

The silent backstage operator 

orders, customer service and advice, paramotor adventure tour guide

Stefan is our engine guy. He can fix anything and he loves it. Should you have any questions about engine troubleshooting, Stefan is your best friend.

mob: +421 917 950 910
email: stefan@scoutparamotor.com

Matej Roder

Video editing, online promotion

Yes, Matej is the guy behind our great adventure videos. Has the worst job ever editing videos of adventures he did not participate on. Poor guy. Send him a nice message, please.

mob: +421 915711366
email: matej@scoutparamotor.com

We are based in Komarno, Slovakia, central Europe.

The SCOUT is proudly produced locally: Carbon fiber components, aluminium frame and the propeller are made in Slovakia, the engine is Italian, the harness is made in the Czech Republic.

There is a long tradition of paramotoring and aviation in general in the former Czechoslovakia. There are many manufacturers of paramotors such as Nirvana, Walkerjet or the Nimbus. There are world class manufacturers of paragliders in Czech republic: MacParaSky, Gradient, Axis. The respected Dynamic ultralight aircraft is produced in Slovakia, and now the world’s fastest ultralight as well – the Shark.


Company details:
SCOUT paramotors s.r.o.
Hadovska cesta 870
945 01 Komarno
company ID: 35860235
VAT ID: SK2021732350

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