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We did an extra mile. Not just next day shipping, but as the spare part comes to your doorstep, we will show you how to chenge the part!

We have more than 60+ explanatory videos on different areas of paramotorin such as:

…and there are more to come every week!

SCOUT user tutorials

Quick tutorials all about SCOUT paramotor machine.


Insights Into Paramotor Geometry

We will cover every aspect of paramotor design and construction. By the end of this series, you will be able to decide, what is the best paramotor for you!


Engine maintenance

In this series we will show you how you can maintain or repair your vittorazi motor with ease.

Buy all the parts online: https://eshop.scoutparamotor.com/


SCOUT explained

In this series we will tell you all about the features that are packed into SCOUT.


Paramotor Troubleshooting

Sometimes bad things can happen and you might end up with a broken carbon spar or hole in your propeller on your paramotor. That’s no problem anymore!




Whatever we do we challenge the limitations to inspire people to fly out of ordinary…

… this is why we have developed paramotors into proper beautiful aircraft

… this is why we have used smart laws of physics to defeat torque so you can enjoy handling and safety like never before

… this is why have launched the first eshop for Vittorazi parts in the EU to make engine maintenance easy

… this is why we share all our know-how with you, so you can become a better and smarter pilot

… this is why we make the ultimate best paramotor adventures accessible to every pilot

… this is why we provide sponsorship to inspire, encourage and support pilots to do their own adventures