Thank you for helping us to innovate further …

… Yes we know the SCOUT is not perfect. In fact it will never be.
We believe research, engineering and design is an infinite process.


Some of the best ideas sometimes come from the enthusiastic customers, like you. Please share them with us to improve the SCOUT paramotors even further.


a new video series coming soon…

the backstage of paramotor research, design, engineering, testing … failing 5 times to succeed once

Improvement inspired by you: Reinforcement brackets.

Next one can be inspired by you!

During the years, we have heard a lot of rumors, either that it’s super fragile and it breaks at your first but landing, or that all carbon will just explode if you will have a failed takeoff… etc

We were actually surprised that we needed 3 days and 11 crashes to find out that the Scout can withstand but landings and failed takeoffs quite good. Actually, I believe at least as good as any other paramotor out there.

Thanks for your help, now is our turn.

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