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Short answer: Because I'm pretty happy with the Vittorazi Moster plus as a pilot. I like the power delivery, the smoothness. We use these engines for our paramotor adventure trips and we fly over really unforgiving areas. We need to be able to rely on the motors.

The long answer is that I'm also happy with Vittorazi Moster Plus as a manufacturer. We specialize in designing the best paramotors but we are not that experts in engines. We need to use a really good engine with good customer support. I have to say that support from Vittorazi is excellent. We've never had a warranty claim rejected by Vittorazi. They are pretty quick in replying, fixing and delivering.

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Yes, for lighter Pilots I would recommend the engine Vittorazi Atom 80. I love that engine, it's so smooth and beautiful. I wish I had 60 kilos, I wouldn't fly anything else.

For heavier pilots, for competition pilots we install the Polini 250. I have flown it for two seasons when I did some competition. Is really really great but for the purpose of slalom or trikes.

For regular flying, for an average pilot I would stick to the Vittorazi Moster plus 185cc.

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If you need a little bit more extra power over the Vittorazi Moster plus 185cc, than the Corsair Black Bull 235cc is an option. It's somewhere in between the Moster 185cc and the Poliny 250.

These are the basic options that you have with the SCOUT.

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The only difference between these two paramotors is the hoop. Carbon cage is obviously made of carbon fiber, nice aerodynamic profile and on the Enduro version it's an aluminium tube.

On Enduro hoop we use a 7075 aluminium tube, which is the best on the market with performance and parameters. It matches stainless steel very very closely.

Carbon is easy to repair and this is the reason why we use carbon cages for our adventures and the rental machines. Even if participants break something, we rarely replace it. We usually just repaired it with a little patch of carbon fiber and epoxy over it and it will be as strong as it was in no time.

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Scout Carbon is 26.6kg and the Scout Enduro is actually surprisingly slightly lighter, 26.2kg ready to fly.

The enduro used to be slightly heavier, because previously we used stainless steel tubes for the hoop and actually we have stainless steel inserted in the spars as well. But now that's over, we changed it both, Carbon and Enduro frames use the same full carbon spar, it's just hoop that is different. The aluminium is the best available on the market 7075 T6. This material has specs really close to stainless steel, is  very strong and durable.

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We understand the need to try it first. Please drop us an email to info@scoutparamotor.com

Even if we don't have a dealer in that country, maybe we have a happy customer in that country that you may talk to. You might visit that customer and have a touch and then eventually fly the Scout if he agrees. On top of that you will have a new paramotor friend..

The other option is a full money-back guarantee. We provide 21 days for you to try. Place an order, get it shipped to your door, unpacket it, go fly flight, flight it again. You have 21 days to make a decision whether you love the Scout completely or you are dissatisfied with something. Should it be the case, ship it back and we'll give you a full money refund, no risk, no tricks, just go for it.

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Answer: yes and no. The E-prop is lighter, that makes it spin up a little bit faster. These props are equally efficient, they provide equal thrust and climb rate and consumption.

I haven't noticed any difference in noise and loudness, they seem to be the same to me. 

What the Scouts propeller is better at is obviously durability. The leading edge of the Scout propeller is one centimeter full layer of carbon-fiber, so the leading edge is filled with carbon fiber. If you hit the stone, the stone will most likely just bite a little bit into that thick layer of carbon fiber, but not all the way through to the structural part of the propeller.

Check the video here: https://www.facebook.com/watch/?v=646599146293930&extid=JUmvTLxYuEGQ0vgP

One way is to try to weld it, sometimes it helps. If you make that part of an exhaust more rigid, it would just break a few centimeters further. So, if you want to weld it, yes you may try, just make the weld where it is and don't add any other reinforcements.

A good option would be to go to eshop.scoutparamotor.com and order a new exhaust. Especially the version from 2020 seems to be pretty good and reliable so you have a good chance that you will never have this issue again.

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Yes we offer trikes: a single-seater and a tandem trike. Both are super simple constructions. You basically take your Scout as it is, ready to fly. Mount it on trike and you're going to sit in the same harness. Just connect the carabiners and you fly as it is.

It is very easy to choose whether you want to fly foot launch or trike today. You can choose it, is compatible. You don't need to do any modifications to your Scout, just put it on the trike and you're ready to go. These trikes are really good, thay have really big wheels so they roll very nicely even in high grass. Good quality, not very cheap but very good value for money.

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To get a discount you need to ask for it, please send us a request and we will consider it.

As a general rule, all customers have the same prices. We are however pretty conservative when it comes to giving discounts, because we already have an extensive sponsoring program called adventure wingman. 

We provide sponsorship to paramotor Adventures. We don't sponsor the gear but we sponsor the adventures themself. So we are already putting quite substantial money back into the community and we love that, we enjoy that because we are rewarded with some great adventures and achievements that are really pushing this sport further.

If you have a great idea please go to the adventurewingman.org and apply for sponsorship. We are here for you.

Ceck the video here: https://www.facebook.com/watch/?v=844308669731501&extid=cNXU6hXaQzUeldov

Yes of course we will gladly help you. Go to espot.scoutparamotor.com, select which version of the Vittorazi moster engine you have and there you have all the list of the spare parts.

Just swipe your credit card. We have most of it in stock so we can ship it next day. If you need any help or questions just feel free to send us an email.

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There is a very simple trick that works 100% of the time. So you step on the bottom of the enduro stand and you push the top of the frame a little forward. This will flex the whole frame a little, just enough to enable you to place the spare in place to connect it with the hoop at the bottom.

Check the video that will guide you through the whole assembly process: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qGCW4ZJ3bPo

The short answer is unfortunately no.

The long and complete answer is, we would gladly install your engine for you. Just ship us your engine, we will install it.  We want to make sure that everything is istalled up to our standards, that everything is paid attention to that's needed so you fly a complete setup and that we can sleep well that you're safe. So we are open to your needs.

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The short answer is no and it doesn't make sense.

Is like buying all the spare parts to build the car. It will be more expensive than buying the car itself. We would really like to build the Scout for you according to all the standards. We know where we made mistakes before and we learn from them so you have the best quality and the best safety for your flying. If you are tight on budget, check eshop.scoutpramotor.com. We have a demo unit section, so eventually we may have some used demo machines that you can buy with a little discount and happily fly just as if it was a new one. It comes with a short warranty as well.

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If you are a school or an instructor, drop us an email to info@scoutparamotor.com. We will call you and we will discuss all the details about it. If possible it would be perfect to me if not we will do it over the phone.

We don't request our deal to be exclusive for Scouts, you still can sell other brands. We don't have any special requirements on ordering three or four paramotors at the beginning. 

Our priority is our joint effort and promoting the brand and first of all helping the customers with a good service and aftersales in warranty service primarily. If you're interested please drop us an email and we'll discuss later all the details.

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You need to contact Stefan. Stefan is our engine guy.

He's super skilled with engines and usually he can give you guidance how to fix the problem if there is a possible fix and if it's not possible to fix it, you will just fill the warranty form that is on our website, you will upload some photos and documentation. We will accept the warranty and ship you the spare parts.

Yes there's a little hassle that you will most probably have to install these replacement parts on your own, but you can do it, it's not a problem. We have lots of videos about engine maintenance on our YouTube channel so check it out. Stefan is doing really really good step by step videos on how to replace pretty much every single part on that, so you can do that and of course if you have further questions feel free to contact us we are here for you.

Find all the contact information here: https://www.scoutparamotor.com/team/

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He doesn't have free gear. Tucker paid for his first Scout, second and third Scout. He had a good price, but he still paid for his Scouts.

Check the video here: https://www.facebook.com/watch/?v=639576143418453&extid=Ep9rWmo7fry5ve

First it's made of carbon fiber which is an expensive material. Aluminum cost 3,50 euro per kilo, carbon fiber cost one hundred per kilo. The major cost is the labor. It's all handmade with love and it is very labor-intensive. 

The second answer and actually the correct one is because it is worth it!. Give it a try, test the Scout and you will see that the benefits, features and the flight characteristics are just worth it for. For the money you'll get a good value.

Check the video here: https://www.facebook.com/watch/?v=3357053727718841&extid=cEg7s4ZCswR3W2aS

Because it is the best paramotor in the world! We believe it is the best, it looks the best, it feels the best in the air and now the question is: Is it worth it for you to pay the little extra?  Maybe 20-25 percent compared to other paramotors? You need to give it a try and you will see for yourself.

Check the video here: https://www.facebook.com/watch/?v=966635147154197&extid=a933GEOCk6ra0zl9

This bestseller Scout is with the Vittorazi Moster Plus 185cc. Some of them go with dualstart, we prefer the manual start and this is the best-selling engine. We also install Atom 80s, for heavier pilots actually tandems we would recommend Black Bull 235 and we have installed a few Polini 250 for competition racing.


Why don't we do other engines? Simply because we want to provide the best service to the customers. We have the most experience with Vittorazi, so if someone ask us we can give the answer immediately without actually doing extra research. We have lots of spare parts in stock. Basically any spare parts you can think of for Vittorazi engine.


Check video here: https://www.facebook.com/watch/?v=3544989515558212 

It weighs the same, it flies the same, it feels the same in the air, it looks different(is the question of the taste, wew at Scout prefere carbon) 


When it comes to practicality for beginners, we assumed the question relates to breaking it, Enduro hoop is cheaper to replace, Carbon hoop is super easy and cheap to repair. You can fix carbon so easily, we have done it in the Campsite in Iceland and it was ready to fly the next day.  It's so easy and you can do it anywhere, no welding machine.


Check video here: https://www.facebook.com/watch/?v=1289531468055451 

The answer is yes and it depends. Honestly we believe the Scout is the best

Paramotor on the market. As it is the best for advanced pilots, it is also the best for a beginner. Even the beginner will benefit from amazing torque compensation, that you don't need to fight the torque on take off, you can stay more relaxed. The geometry is right, getting in and out of the seat is very easy. It is a safer paramotor! 


It is more expensive. So if you break it, replacing the parts will obviously cost more than a regular aluminium or stainless steel paramotor, but the good news is, that you can easily fix it. Since we started to sell carbon fiber repair kits, the sales of spare parts have dropped dramatically. Just because people can easily repair it, they don't replace things.


Check the video here: https://www.facebook.com/watch/?v=2615788425338197

No, Scout comes with a 148cm(58.26inces) cage, which is slightly larger than the industry standard, but literally slightly(just a 6cm/2inches in total)


Maybe it's just an impression because of the wide carbon hoop, but in fact it's really just a 3cm/1inch on both sides. Even small pilots successfully  take off with this cage, it's just an inch at the bottom in the top as well. So it's not really a big deal and a larger propeller is more efficient in it feels the right way to do it


Check the video here: https://www.facebook.com/watch/?v=660379554683090

Scout one comes standard with 12 liters. There is an option of an 18 liters fuel tank and the NXT has 18 liters as standard.

To most pilots I would actually recommend the 12l. It looks better, the whole thing is a little smaller when disassembled and it has less drag. 18l just sits a lot lower, it's just a lot bigger so it's not hidden behind the pilot just as the 12l fuel tank, so it creates more drag.

Many paramotor manufacturers don't care about that drag and they just expose the fuel tank into the airflow, but we kind of feel it is not the right way to do things. For those few situations where you need extra fuel, you can always take an extra fuel bladder and we'll make a video on how to install one.

Check the video here: https://www.facebook.com/watch/?v=971526246666266

I myself have flown with a hybrid boss for several seasons. When I started to fly more cross-country I realized that I probably prefer the regular bars.


Now the hybrid bars are amazing for handling, like literally doing wingovers and acro tricks and this kind of stuff is so easy and so responsive. Is actually aggressive, but if you are nothing to this type of flying you probably benefit from the gooseneck bars more.


For hardcore,agressive freestyle and acrobatics definitely the hybrid bars is the best option. Everything else, go for the gooseneck bars.


Check the video here: https://www.facebook.com/watch/?v=341151730550304

We love the Atom 80, it is a beautiful, wonderful, super smooth lovely engine. Is so quiet if we were sixty kilos we wouldn't fly anything else!


We believe, that the Scout withAtom 80 is an excellent machine and we believe it's better than any other paramotor with Atom 80(yes we know ,we are biased)


Maybe the benefit is not that obvious as with the Vittorazi Moster Plus 185. Simply, the key feature of the Scout is dynamic torque compensation. You kind of need it, when you have lots of power, with a 27 horsepower you have almost four-time more torque then with Atom 80 which is 16-16 Hp.


Check the video here: https://www.facebook.com/watch/?v=3940518792629609

Yes of course! These adventure bads was actually designed on the Scout One. We used them for the first time on the Icarus Trophy Race in five years ago and it is possible to use them on the Scout One.

They are amazing, you can fill the whole camping gear. We had a tent in in one side and a sleeping bag and the mattress on the other side, we fitted some food and water. Eventually, you can have the front bag as well which can fake camera gear, power banks and whatever you need. It's a really good setup and it fits a lot other paramotors with gooseneck bars too.

Check the video here: https://www.facebook.com/watch/?v=827048251382914

Is it possible to use the front Adventure bag on the Scout One?


Yes it is. Just as the side bags, the front back fits the Scout One as well. It will need a little modification, little adjustment. Just adding Some loops onto the shoulder straps so you have a place to attach the front bag, but that's not a big deal.


We totally encourage you to do your adventures with Scout One and Adventure bag.


Check the video here: https://www.facebook.com/watch/?v=402262351166237

Yes, there is a tandem trike option as well. You have a harness to seat for the passenger and you as a pilot you will sit in your own Scout harness. You will just attach Scout to the trike and sit in the Scout harness as usual.


The trike is pretty good, we like it. Tandem trike with Vittorazi Moster Plus is kind of an edge, its perfectly doable for a recreational use, for commercial tandem trike rides, we would most  definitely recommend a more powerful motor then Moster Plus 185.


Check the video here: https://www.facebook.com/watch/?v=3156070917855221

I by myself (Miro) fly the NXT. It is better than Scout One for me. What I've noticed: it's better for ground handling, it is better on takeoff and landing. It is pretty much the same in the air. It has a larger fuel tank which is great for our adventures, so even when others fly with a 12 liters tank. I always tank full, just in case someone runs out of fuel that I can land and refuel to that person. I have a clean house to transfer fuel and I can help someone this way.


I have noticed that short people don't benefit from the NXT so I would rather say who it is suitable for. It is suitable for anyone except very short people, it seems like the NXT harness fits  regular or taller people much better.


Check the video here: https://www.facebook.com/watch/?v=665128857741496