How to change the netting

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In this tutorial video we will show you how to change the netting on your SCOUT paramotor the right way. Things and tools you are going to need: The broken part New replacement part 14 pieces of Dyneema netting loops 14 pieces of rivets. 2.4mmx6mm in size (with black dome if possible)   Scissors Rivet Gun First step: To be able to fit the netting on the new part we will have to remove it from the broken  section by cutting off the dyneema loops that connect the netting with the outer hoop section. Once the cutting procedure has been done … Continued

How to install the reserve parachute

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You have purchased a reserve parachute and dont now how to install it? This video will provide you with the much needed info to do it the right way. To mount you reserve parachute in to the SCOUT Harness you will need a reserve parachute (obviously), a pair of small rubber loops (to secure the bridles in place) and a pair of shoelaces. First step: You will have to do is open the shoulder-straps on the harness and the protective bridle tunnel, to gain access to the existing bridles. If your reserve parachute has its own bridles , you will … Continued

How to install the SCOUT water rescue system inside the harness

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In this video We will show you how to properly install the SCOUT water rescue system inside your harness. You will need a: – Harness (obviously) – Water Rescue System with all its components (obviously again) – Wrench 10 mm – Two hands (preferably your own) Te installation is simple and easy should not take you more than 10 minutes to do. First you will have to install the inflator to the bladder (that big orange thingy that inflates). After that is done you can go to step two, where you install the whole system to your harness, with the … Continued

How to assemble the SCOUT Enduro Cage

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In this video you will see how to assemble the SCOUT Enduro cage the right way. If you will follow these few easy steps we are quite sure, it will not take you more than 3 minutes to complete the assembly of the Enduro Cage. – first comes the bottom section of the cage – than you will do the spars of the cage – as the next step you will have to put the ring sections in place (one by one) – Now you have to connect them all together (possibly this is the trickiest part) – The only … Continued


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This is our newest product the MAGIC COVER (does no magic at all, just sound cool). – Protect your paramotor from, sunlight and rain ,   – Pack away and Transport your cage assembly   – Use it as a quick pack for your glider.   If you would like to get one, just contact your nearest SCOUT dealer. Oh and by the way, the MAGIC COVER comes free with every SCOUT paramotor (Or the cage bags. The decision is up to you which freebie you choose). Please, subscribe to our Youtube channel so you don’t miss our next tips … Continued

How to start the Moster Plus and prevent starter damage.

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Miroslav Svec, SCOUT lead designer, explains how to start the new Vittorazi Moster Plus engine and not break the starter. Starting of the new Moster Plus is a little different ...because it has a clutch and flash starter. Especially pilots used to the classic starter often do it wrong and may cause damage of the starter. The flash starter has an extra spring inside. As you keep pulling, the starter does not make the engine run, it only accumulates tension int the spring. Then suddenly the spring releases all the energy to start the motor. With a normal starter the … Continued