EUROPEAN Prices including TAX

(Prices are in Euro and  outside EU can be different)

Engine SCOUT Carbon SCOUT Enduro
Vittorazi Moster 185 7500 6450
Vittorazi Moster Plus 185 8034 6966
Vittorazi Moster Plus 185 Dual Start 8377 7309
Vittorazi Atom 80 7741 6692
Polini Thor 250 manual start (only for Enduro) n.a. 7479,6

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Standard paramotor options included in the price:

Gooseneck Bars

SCOUT comfort harness


Carbon stand

SCOUT carbon fixed pitch propeller

Uprade your paramotor with following options:

Options PRICE
Hybrid bars instead of standard gooseneck bars 78
SCOUT L 1320 adjustable carbon propeller instead of standard 36
Adaptor for adjustable prop for Moster 78
Cameleon throttle controller LH instead of standard 126
Cameleon throttle controller RH instead of standard 126
Enduro stand instead of carbon stand 57,6
Travel bag for paramotor 362,4
PPG meter 157,2
Fuel sensor 78
SCOUT water rescue system 206,4
Extra Enduro cage complete 718,8
SCOUT Comfort XL Harness instead of L harness FREE
SCOUT LIGHT harness instead of SCOUT Comfort harness FREE

You also get for free:

SCOUT SafeStart injury prevention

One of: Magic Cover/Cage bags and prop cover

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