Scout NXT demo unit nr5 for sale

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Paramotors were used as demo machines and rental machines for adventure trips. They were running perfectly on our trips keeping us safe from engine-outs and emergency landings.SCOUT team did take care of them all times, we did the break-in, we mixed the fuel and used Motul 800 only. Any carburetor adjustments, belt tension adjustments or similar only performed by the SCOUT team. We took care of our babes on the ground so they take care of us in the air:-)
Get your pre-loved SCOUT with a discount of 1364 eur now and you will have a beautiful reliable paramotor:

  • Vittorazi Moster Plus Engine fully serviced. Engine with 70hrs and full engine maintenance and service. List of replaced parts provided. 
  • paramotor has respective signs of use: stand surely has scratches from ground and transportation but no damage what so ever, bars and frame may have minor scratches from transportation, the fuel tank may be a little yellowish from fuel, the harness may have respective signs of wear and UV exposure, propeller may respective signs of use
  • carbon cage is completely new! because we want you to have it nice and sexy:-) The newest matte model with the nice scout logos on the hoop.
  • comes with brand new cage bags and prop covers
retail price of new paramotor
8 835
total discount
-1 364
pre-loved SCOUT with brand new carbon cage and accessories and warranty
7 471

We can trust these motors because we have flown them and know they are fine. This is why we will give you 4 months full warranty!