SCOUT harness tested at 22,500 N!!!

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The SCOUT hasness with the SCOUT frame and bars has been tested at 22,500 N


22,500 N = 2294.37 kg = 5058.2025 Pounds

Yes, that is 15 G!


The harness has been tested without padding, pockets and all extra material to see if any stitches break. Not a single one did:-)


What does that mean?

It means that the SCOUT can bear loads up to 15 G!

It means the SCOUT harness and frame is certified according to European Standard EN 1651 for a total weight of 150 kg.

It means you can fly safe.

It means we can sleep well as we know we are selling a tested product.

scout-harness-load-test-result-1 scout-harness-load-test-result-2


We have made lot of load calculations and computer modelling especially on the bars and hinges (where the bars attach to the frame). We are very happy that our frame, bars and hinge system lasted to our expectations in this load test.

Congratulations to our harness manufacturer for all the innovations, attention to details and making such  a good harness.

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Weight of the standard harness with integrated rescue parachute is 4 kg.

Weight of the SCOUT Light harness is 1.9 kg only (including the seatboard), while having same tests and certification.