SCOUT carbon paramotor is looking for importers and dealers worldwide

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SCOUT carbon paramotor is the most innovative paramotor of today. Just to name a few outstanding features:

  • DYNAMIC TORQUE COMPENSATION – unique feeling in the air.
  • HYBRID-BARS for amazing handling
  • made of in beautiful carbon finish

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Why should you become a SCOUT dealer?

  • If you want to sell (and fly for yourself) the best paramotor on the market, get the SCOUT.
  • Even if you are selling other paramotor brands, SCOUT may fit into your portfolio as a high end paramotor. You may offer the SCOUT as a premium product and other brands as an economy option. SCOUT is a class on its own and it will not interefere with your current business.
  • Our high end  paramotors are definitively an eye chatcher and stand out from the crowd. Being a dealer of SCOUT paramotors may draw a lot of attention to your business and increase your current turnover as well.


Who are we looking for?

We are looking for preferably for school/instructor/pro-pilot/competition pilot. First of all we are looking for business-oriented partner who would take full involement and be responsible or promotion and marketing of the SCOUT brand on the local market. We want reward you as our importer/dealer for your marketing and promotional efforts by giving you the exclusivity for your market.



If  you are interested in distributing our products and become a SCOUT dealer, please contact us. It will be a pleasure for us to give you more information about our products and company.