No gear can compensate for skills.

Pilots are normally surprised when I say this. They would expect me to praise the brand…

During all my adventure flights, slalom training, SIV training and paragliding in thermal conditions I have learned the importance of good skills beyond anything else.
Seriously, you need to start with good training in the first place.

Miroslav Svec

Progression training

We will not teach you how to fly.
You are expected to be a pilot already. This training is not intended to teach you to fly from ground zero.


We will teach you how to fly with confidence.

My instructors were just fine. They really did their best effort and yet it took me a year or two to gain confidence. And another year or two for my confidence to be justified.  And another year or two stay calm and relaxed in all kinds of situations. And another year or two to learn to read the risks in advance.

Now you can learn faster!


Program of progression training:

We will start with you flying first, so we see what your skill level is and make an individual plan for you. Everyone will have to pass all our benchmarks in the training process but some may need more focus on this and some more attention to that. We will do training very individually. This is why we will do it in a small group with two instructors.


At the beginning we will do some advanced groundhandling techniques. Truly, groundhandling is the key. I have learned this from my friend Javi Malaguita who is one of the best acro paramotor pilots out there. He just cut out the center part of his acro glider and sewed it together to make it smaller and even more spicy. Groundhandling with a spicy super-fast and nervous glider is a valuable lesson. We will have some for you.


We will continue with advanced launching techniques. These are the factors that make take-offs more demanding:

  • nil-wind or cross-wind
  • early-morning
  • high-elevation
  • wet-glider
  • full tank heavy loaded
  • tight spots

And we will combine all of it at once! While at your home filed you rarely face such combination it happens quite often on our adventure trips and this is what many pilots pilots struggle the most with. Yet there is a technique to master such challenges and we will show you how. Proof of our success will be if you remember every single failed take-off from now on, because there will be so few.


We will also practice proper landing technique and precision landing. Its a must for adventure flying as you may face a forced landing on a tight spot.


We will get high and fly the thermals with the paramotor. By the end of this training you will be a lot less scared of turbulence and trust your glider (and yourself) a lot more than ever before.


At the end of the training we will add some paramotor slalom sessions. We will carefully explain how to use the 2D steering around the cones and speedbar on entry and exit of the turn. Precise timing and energy management is very important. You will have the opportunity to try some advanced slalom gliders of sizes 18, 20 and 22.

As a bonus, we may spice it up with some basics acro maneuvers if you like.

Adventure flying included!

Mountains will be just around the corner.

So lets fly high and explore them properly.

We will teach you to:

  • read the terrain
  • understand the valley winds (catabatic and anabatic)
  • identify sources of lee turbulence
  • read weather forecast for adventure flying
  • read the map and plan your trips


Location: Fermo, Italy

Dates: June 19 – 27, 2021

Arrival to: Rome, Leonardo da Vinci International Airport

Costs of training and trip:

  • own paramotor: 1316 eur
  • with rental: 1783 eur
  • order with new SCOUT: 1097 eur (save 823 eur)

Ask for it!

We will have great times together at the barbecue every night. We encourage you to ask questions and be curious.

We are here to inspire you, help you and guide you as good as we can.

The Perfect Team.

Our training group will be small: 6 students only.
Our training will be very intensive with 2 instructors. Miroslav Svec and Stefan Prisecaru.

Because we take it personal.

Join us now and be part of

our small team!

Miroslav Svec


Miroslav is the designer and the main brain behind the SCOUT. Miroslav has a lot of experience with adventure flying. In 2013 he strapped a sleeping bag to his paramotor and has flown +1000km around Slovakia.

In 2016 he won the Icarus Trophy Adventure Division flying more than 1900 km unsupported across the US.

Since then Miroslav has guided over 20 paramotor adventures all over the world.

Miroslav speaks fluent German, English, Hungarian, Czech, of course Slovak and can ask for a beer in Spanish.

Stefan Prisecaru


Stefan works as a marketing and sales manager at SCOUT. He is an experienced paramotor mechanic, free flying and a cross country pilot, too. Stefan has guideed a few paramotor adventure trips in Romania, Iceland, Spain, Italy, Slovakia, Oman, Croatia and Slovenia and likes to fly very challenging mountains and areas too. He is also a motorcycle enthusiast, rides downhill bikes and likes many other adrenaline sports.

Stefan speaks English, Romanian, he can understand a bit of Italian and he can fix anything in any language ?

” What the heck, I want in! “

Do you want to join us and be one of those pilots out there having a blast, or just watch this amazing adventure from your computer desk?