Scout One – The Ultimate Handling Machine

Scout One revolutionized the world of paramotoring:
Instead of using aluminum or steel tubes we have used carbon fiber profiles to manufacture a true aerodynamic aircraft. We have even defeated laws of physics where others have accepted the torque steer as given. All this makes the scout paramotor so intuitive and natural to fly that it will make you a better pilot.
Forget about everything you leave on the ground and just flow through the sky.

As every Scout, even the Scout one comes in a perfect package

  • Dynamic Torque Compensation
  • Fly hands-off
  • Great weight-shift handling
  • Comfortable reclined position
  • Smart Bar Attachment
  • Back protection for your Safety
  • SafeStart Injury prevention
  • Easy to repair
  • Easy to travel with – cage into sections, removable stand
  • Fully certified

Simple and Intuitive

”I have to say, flying it was like a drug. I only flew it once but couldn’t stop thinking about it, and it just felt RIGHT.  It feels as close to free-flying as I would ever expect from a motor. Very very nice.”

Trevor Meeks (SCOUT  happy customer, ordered his scout right after first flight)

Scout One Carbon cage

Proper aircraft profiles

Exceptional fit and finish

A true carbon masterpiece

Scout One Enduro cage

Hoop made of high grade aluminium 7075 T6

Matte anodisation to match the carbon look

More affordable, still sexy

From Beginner to Pro


To beginners, we usually give the advice to start maybe with a used beginner glider and invest into a more advanced one once they gain more experience.

This is not the case for paramotors. Every beginner would benefit from the unique characteristics of the Scout, learn faster due to great feedback from the glider, make fewer mistakes due to the good ergonomics and balanced design and make faster progression.

Yet you could keep your Scout for years without the need to upgrade as the Scout is the ultimate handling weapon for any style you choose later.

Hybrid bars for extreme enthusiasts


Hybrid bars offer even more weight-shift ability and glider feedback. They are great for freestyle, slalom, acro and thermalling. Yes, they feel a bit shaky in turbulence but it soooo much fun to fly with them. The strap can rotate to the side thus effective hook-in point is at the bar. Yes, that is very low. Handling feels as close to free-flying as possible. Enjoy and have FUN.

Large choice of motors


Our favorite is the Vittorazi Moster Plus engine. With 27Hp it gives enough thrust to most pilots and even has some margin for your future appetite for power: maybe you would want to fly a faster glider in the future, climb high in the mountains or take friends for occasional tandems.



For lighter pilots, we would recommend the Atom 80. Smooth as silk, easy to start, keep calm and quiet.


The Polini 250 is a beast. Heavy, sure. But plenty powerful. We would not recommend for recreational pilots as most really do not need that much power. But for competitions or regular tandems, it is the right choice.


The Corsair Blackbull 235 sits right in between the Moster Plus and Polini 250. Little closer to Moster when comes to weight. Has a little more vibration and unfortunately does not come with a clutch. Yes, sometimes it is hard to choose.

12 or 18 liter fuel tank?

Scout One comes with a 12-liter tank as standard. It sits nicely behind the back of the pilot not causing unnecessary drag. 12 liters is sufficient for most flights.

Should you want to fly longer, we would recommend an auxiliary tank or fuel bladder.

An 18-liter tank is an option too. Not so sexy, sticks out a little but does a great job for you long flights.

SCOUT is fully certified.

SCOUT is fully certified according to EU regulations. We have passed certification in Czech Republic and Austria. In most other countries no certification is needed. Yet if it is, you can be sure your SCOUT will be legally flyable.

Price for Scout One Carbon with Vittorazi Moster Plus MY20 engine is 6.695 Euro.


Price for Scout One Enduro with Vittorazi Moster Plus MY20 engine is 5.805 Euro.


Prices are without taxes and shipping costs. Prices may differ outside European Union countries based on their specific import, customs, and other taxes.

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