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There are plenty of options when choosing the right propeller for your paramotor.  We have propellers in various lengths, made of different materials , or propellers that you can adjust to your flying style.

Fixed pitch propellers

Our fixed pitch propellers are light weight and easy to install. You can choose between fiberglass or carbon. Both material variations come in two sizes
– Shorter 125 cm propellers are designed to be used with
Vittorazi Moster and F200 engines.
– Longer 132 cm  propellers are designed to use with the Vittorazi Moster engine.

propeller back paralel angled grey background

Adjustable pitch propellers

Our adjustable pitch propellers are best for engines with 20-30hp.
They come in 115, 125, 132 cm (45, 49, 52 inches) and two material (carbon and fiber glass) variations.
– Propellers from Carbon fiber weight 1210 g, have white tips and leading edge  protection
– Propellers from Fiberglass weight 1310 g, have white blades, red tips and leading edge  protection.

Integrated leading edge protection


The black line on the leading edge is actually full solid carbon fibre material. If a stone bites off this material, internal structure is not damaged and it is easy to repair.