Adventure bags, the ultimate accessory for your paramotor

Pack your paramotor for the adventure that you wanted to do for a long time but you were always asking yourself:

  • Where should I put all my gear?
  • There is no way of carying all this stuf with me!

Now you have the solution!

Simple and elegant, efficient and light you can load them even with heavy weight because they will not change the CG of the paramotor at all.

Practical and very comfortable, the front bag is not only a simple box.


It has an easy and accessible instrument deck, two main compartments inside and acces holes for cables to keep your instruments and phone always charged.

Yes, we have thought about this too:

Cold weather, gloves, attach or detach the front bag…

Easy with the quick release special carabiners which allows you to easy operate them even with thick winter gloves.

Do they fit only on the Scout?


No, you can fit side bags on almost any paramotor that has swing arms.

Having velcro straps, loops and a big opened pocket that goes over the carabiner atachment point to the swing arm they really are very versatyle and easy to attach on almost any unit.