Paramotoring over wonders of Slovenia and Croatia

Join Scout team for an amazing adventure over beautiful Slovenia and Croatia.


Mountains and snowy peaks,

green valleys,

rivers, lakes, and forests,


castles, ports and fortresses,

beaches and sea

You may have heard about the amazing beaches and islands of Croatia before.

They have impressed milions of people around the world from the ground level only.

Now immagine that you will explore all of this flying with a paramotor!

The dates for the adventure are set::

September 29 – October 3, 2021

So please mark it in your calendar.

Costs of the trip

We got addicted to adventure flying  so badly. These trips are not primarily  business to us. Our primary goal is to have our personal fun and if you guys cover our costs, we are happy with that. The most rewarding thing for us is the joy in your faces after each landing. Nothing could please us more than you saying: “Best flight ever!”

Slovenia/ Croatia trip with paramotor rental

We will hook you up with one of our SCOUT machines for whole trip. Maybe you want to try a SCOUT or you dont want to scuff your own paramotor. Only you have to worry about is the huge amount of likes you are going to have after the adventure with us! See above about services provided.

Adventure trip+rental:

1115 euro

Ordered with a brand new SCOUT

Treat yourself with a brand new SCOUT and have it delivered for your adventure, this is the right time! We will make you a brand new, fresh and crispy SCOUT and it will be delivered for you on your adventure. Delivered to your home afterwards.

Adventure trip with new SCOUT:

576 euro

Fly your own paramotor

Ship or bring your own paramotor to us before the trip and you are good to go.  Just adventure time now!

Adventure trip:

691 euro

Getting here

  • take a ride with us from Slovakia (free of charge). We have to warn you, it is a looooong and boring drive, many hours spent talking about flying paramotors 🙂
  • take a plane to Ljubljana international airport .  We may pick you up at the airport, let us know.

What to bring with you:

  • Paraglider
  • Reserve parachute – we will install under seat or you may use your front container if you llike
  • Helmet
  • clothing:
    • expect around 25 degrees during day.
  • Warm cloths for flying: While the weather is great here, the sunrise flights may be a little chilly.
    • thermal wear
    • down jacket or similar
    • hood or buff sleeve
    • gloves
  • Phone and power bank – there will be cellphone service everywhere but you need to be sure to be able to call for help in case of an emergency landing.
  • Swimsuit