What is (will be) your flying style?

This is the crucial question, although for a beginner sometimes hard to answer. Basically there are four possible answers>

– cross country cruiser
– low-level-fun/slalom addict
– acro madman
– thermalling junkie

Cross-country cruiser> Is it the birds-eye perspective on long crosscountry flights what you seek from paramotoring? Launch, gain altitude, let the brake toggles go and fly fast and far.

Or is there more to it?

Flying will never get boring but  it is natural to human to seek progress. It may happen that after some airtime you look for some more adrenaline. You may look for disciplines where you could learn/show more skills.


If yes, you will have much higher requirements on your paramotor and your priorities will change.

Here is a summary of what your priorities would be:



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