Transport and travel with your paramotor.


This is the easy part to answer.

Will you be able to transport your paramotor assembled on a hitch rack or truck? If so, life is easy and do not care about how easy or difficult it is do disassemble.

If you need to disassemble your paramotor, how small it needs to be? If you have a van, than cage consisting  of 3 or 4 parts will fit easily. The advantage is that such cage is assembled faster.

if you have a small car you will need a paramotor that comes into small parts like SCOUT, Parajet Zenith or Nirvana Instinct. Of course, it takes some more time to assemble.

But it is not only about the cage! Have a look on how bulky is the main frame?  How big is the main body of the paramotor with engine, tank and harness? Is it possible to rotate the gooseneck bars all the way down to make the harness flat?


If you have plans to travel with your paramotor and visit all the amazing place where you could fly your paramotor, you definitely need one like SCOUT/Zenith/Instinct. Make your dreams come through and fly like this>