You just discovered the Holy Grail of paramotoring knowledge.


We choose to share with you all our know-how and design knowledge in order to better understand why Scout is different and to be able to rationally choose your best paramotor for your needs.

Find out why some paramotors are better than others and how to choose the right one for you.

Learn how to start your adventure flying in the best and safest way possible and find out what it takes to be a true adventurer pilot.

You can also find user manuals, tutorials and much more…

Scout unique innovations

Yes, Scout is different.


Using aerodynamic profiles, carbon fiber, and many other new technologies, we have turned paramotors in proper aircrafts.

Innovative and unique among the others, Scouts are by far the most engineered and beautiful foot lunch paramotors.

Paramotor Geometry Classroom

Here we share with you all our know-how and design knowledge. Why?

Simply because we know that you have to understand your aircraft properly in order to become a better pilot and choose your best paramotor for you.

How to choose a paramotor?


How much power do you need?

Bigger or smaller prop?

What hook-in system is the best for you?

Complete Guide to Paramotor Adventure Flying

Adventure flying is way easier than it looks.

How to prepare for your long flying journey? What to take with you? How to plan flying routes? And many other questions will be answered in this chapter.

User manuals and tutorials


Take care of your aircraft on the ground and it will take care of you in the air.


Let’s avoid those frustrating moments such as going to fly and all of a sudden your engine won’t start, or the pull starter breaks.

Read the manuals, watch tutorials and learn what you need to do in order to have a perfectly maintained and airworthy paramotor anytime.