Paramotor Geometry, Part 3: Why weight-shift is more fun and more safe?

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“I have to warn you: In this part I will be biased.
I am a big advocate of weight shift steering in paramotors.
I know many pilots who have switched to a weigthshift paramotor. I know zero pilots who have switched back.
It takes some time to get used to it, but then you will never want fly a non-weight shift paramotor.”
This is part 3 in our classroom. Miroslav Svec, designer of SCOUT paramotors shares his knowledge about paramotor construction, the theory and reasoning behind. At the moment we have around 30 videos on the list. At the end of this, you will be able to make a qualified judgment what is the ultimate best paramotor for you.

Whats the point of weight shift?
1. Look
2. Lean
3. Pull

This is what your paragliding instructor will tell you to do. This is how paraglider pilots core the thermalls. I know modern reflex gliders with 2D steering are so agile and fun to fly that some may believe they do not need the weight-shift. And that’s right. You do not need it. You can live without it. Without knowing what you are missing out.

But What are the benefits of weight-shift steering?
You give the glider two steering inputs instead of one. This means:
* half brake is enough to initiate the same turn
* with same brake input, your turn is more tight

This means your turns will be:
1. More efficient because with less brake your glider stays closer to its ideal profile
2. safer, because with less brake your risk of stall or spin is lower
3. more fun, because it just feels better with weight-shift

No, its not more turbulent! It may feel more nervous but the turbulence is the same. You at least have more feedback from the glider to react earlier and more accurate.

You definitely need weight-shoft steering for acrobatics, freestyle, slalom and thermalling.
You do not necessarily need it for cross-country PPG flights, but it definitely does not hurt!
Should you have questions, please, leave a comment or get in touch with Miroslav: