Paramotor Training with Miroslav, designer of the Scout.

No gear can compensate for skills.


Future pilots are normally surprised when I say this. They would expect me to praise the brand…

During all my adventure flights, slalom training, SIV training and paragliding in thermal conditions I have learned the importance of good skills beyond anything else.
Seriously, you need to start with good training in the first place.

Our Italy package is just the perfect combination.
Miroslav Svec

The Perfect Team.


Our training group will be small: 6 students only.
Our training will be very intensive with 2 instructors. Miroslav Svec and Stefan Prisecaru.

Because we take it personal.

The Perfect Location: Italy east coast .

Chances for good weather are great here.
We will spend hours and hours of groundhandling until you master the glider control. There is not better place for this than a beach.

Come for a perfect holiday…

You know Italy: good weather, great food, best wine!

Take a few days off, get to visit this beautiful part of the world, see Rome and relax at the beach…

… To return home as a pilot!

Close your eyes and imagine yourself standing on a beautiful green field near some astonishing mountains with white peaks.

Start running and count your steps: one, two, three and you are airborne! Yes, it is that simple!

… Or start your first paramotor adventure right after training!


Join our trip right after finishing training. Use your skills to explore the beautiful landscapes and gain even more experience… More info here>


First training day: April 18

Shaking hands as PILOTS: April 26


Be part of the 6 students group which will have an intensive training session for full 9 days with 2 instructors who will teach and answer questions 24/7.

” Give a short flight to a men and make him happy for a moment or teach that men how to fly and make him happy for a life time

Service provided

  • Intensive training for 9 full days.
  • The best equipment for training: wings for ground handling, engines and accesories (helmet, radio stations… etc)
  • transport in 8 seater minibus (Mercedes Viano) during training session
  • charging of your cameras and phone, BBQ, stove and kitchenware for you to use
  • friendly smile
  • entire moments of fame in the video and photos…

Service does not include:

  • Accomodation. We will stay in bungalows or hotels close to the training area. Prices are 20-40 euro for one night.
  • food: Full meal at restaurant 10-15 euros, a good wine/beer is 3 euro. Stove, pan, pot and barbecue will be available.
  • your travel to and from Italy

Costs of the training session

Join us and  learn basics of paramotoring with the best gear available in a perfect location and laminar winds. Two instructors will be available 24/7 for 9 days teaching and answering any questions about the sport.

Choose how to start your flying lessons:

With our gear

We will give you all the equipment you need from scratch. We will provide wings for ground handling and flying,motors and safety equipment. You have to bring only adequate clothing and the will to become a Pilot, we will handle the rest.

1751 euro

With your brand new SCOUT

Treat yourself with a brand new SCOUT and have it delivered for your training, this is the right time! We will make you a brand new, fresh and crispy SCOUT and we will bring it to Italy to train with your own paramotor. Delivered to your home afterwards already set up and ready to fly.

1222 euro

Getting there


  • take a ride with us from Slovakia (free of charge).
  • take a plane to Rome Airport .  We may pick you up at the airport, let us know.

What to bring with you:



  • Adequate clothing for physical activity
  • A pair of  mountain boots
  • Swimsuit 🙂
  • Your enthusiasm and will to learn flying


All the gear for training will be already there waiting for you.

You are one decision away from changing your Life.

Join us and become a PILOT.