New Zealand #VerySpecialAdventure

With a very small team:

  • two pilots only (last seat available!!!)
  • one guide in the air
  • one guide in the support truck




No return back!

This trip is very special as we fly cross-country = from A to B, to C, to D… and the support truck will follow. This is a unique concept of not having to return back. This way we can cover a lot more distance and see a lot more places.



Crossing the whole island.

Our plan is ambitious. We want to cross the south island:

  • fjords
  • lakes
  • glaciers
  • river beds
  • beaches and cliffs
  • everything



Million star hotel

We plan to spend a few night bivouac too. Because its fun. Because it makes us feel like superheros. Because it is so calm to stare into the fire at night and count the stars while falling asleep.



arrival to: Christchurch

arrival date: Feb 28
trip Feb/29 – March/08
departure back home: March/8



4 944 eur
Yes, this is not a cheap adventure. The major costs are just to get there and back. Having a very small team increases the price too as costs are not split onto a larger group. Yet we believe it is well worth it. Because #VerySpecialAdventure. Because #NewZealand.
Included in the price:
  • paramotor rental and shipping of the paramotor to and from New Zealand
  • pilot guide in the air
  • support car
  • support driver
  • pick-up and drop-off at the airport

Other costs to expect:

  • your plane ticket to NZ and back
  • camping fees, hotels and B&Bs
  • food and drinks
  • insurance

Heads up!

Sorry, this trip is fully booked.
Great news for us as we will have a great adventure.
The great news for you are you can still pick some other great adventures.

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