Adventures you always wanted
but never had the balls to.




2018 was a crazy amazing year for us!

We started the season in Italy and had a very good time flying the Alps, river beds, beaches and visiting Venice.

Oh, the trips to Iceland became legendary… “How can you beat this?”
No, you can’t!

The trips around Slovakia are still my favorite. And our friends from UK, Brasil, Israel and Slovakia enjoyed it very much.  Million star hotel and million star memories.

Afterwards we made a trip to fly in Israel and now we are heading to Oman.

Testimonials from our trips


,,Unforgettable flying experience!,,

,,This has been the adventure trip of my life,,

,,Pure paramotor porn. Ten of the best minutes of my flying career,,

,,Is it too early to sing up for the Scout Paramotor 2019? :),,

(Iceland adventure 2018)

Could this be any better?

Challenge accepted. Join us in 2019.

The trip around Slovakia is hard to beat.

We have covered almost 500 km in the air only while the support car was following us. Stop flying in circles, no more returns back, fly ahead into the unknown.

Does it compare to anything I have flown at home?


Because Iceland, that’s why.

“Those hikers had to walk the whole day to see what I have seen in one flight!”


This was what I though when flying over Eyjafjallajökull volcano in Iceland.

“Those ground worms will never experience that!”

This is what I thought when chasing down the canyon of the Skoga river and flying over the Skogafoss waterfall. Imagine discovering new places, landscapes never seen before. Everyday a different landscape, every day a new adventure.

Stop flying in circles! You have seen the church tower in your home town from every single angle. Its time for new paramotor adventures. Its time to become a different pilot!



Adventure flying is a lot easier than it seems!

People are afraid to do adventure flying because of all the things that may go wrong. Well, that’s part of the adventure and all you need to do is commit yourself: plan the route, pick some dates and take only half of the stuff you think you need. Do not prepare for the unexpected, improvise:-)

Or, if you want to do it the easier way, join us!

Iceland-367 (Custom)

Join one of our trips now!

Training trips


We do training trips = take 10 days off, go for holidays and return as a pilot. Lot of groundhandling, first flights without motor and paramotor flying at the end.

Instructor: Miroslav Svec

Explorer adventures

We will drive a minibus with a fully-assembled ready-to-fly paramotors in the trailer during the day to various spots. Fly in the evening, camp overnight and fly from the same spot in the morning. Transfer to the next spot during midday again.

Usually we improvise a lot. Knowing the best locations, we select one based on weather forecast. Sometimes its raining here but flyable 100km away. This way we get the most of flying possible.

Supported cross-country adventures

No return back! we will fly from one spot to another truly exploring the distances on our paramotoros. A pilot guide will navigate the whole group in flight with radio communication supplied to everyone. A support car will follow with all our camping gear and stuff and the ground-support will get fuel for us for the next flight. Usually one flight in the morning and one in the evening. We will rest during the day or do local sightseeing.

On our trip we will have one or two full-bivouac overnight stays. We strap sleeping bags to our paramotors, top-up the fuel tanks and take-off. We will land on some remote wildllife spot, rest around a campfire  roast some food for dinner. After quick breakfast we will fly back to meet our support car and refill our fuel tanks for the next cross country flight.

We did this a few times in Slovakia and Iceland, best sky ever, millions of stars to watch when falling asleep…


  • Finished paramotor training,
  • good ground-handling skills,
  • capable both reverse and forward launches


  • You are expected be able to succeed your preparation and take-offs alone. Sure you will get a friendly help from nearby participants when the wind flips your glider over but take-off assistance is not part of the service.
  • You are expected to succeed in most of your take-offs on the first try. Succeeding at first try saves sweat of the others behind you and fuel for the ones already circling in the air. Hey, no stress! Everyone may need to repeat now and then, just make sure it’s not a rule:-)
  • experience with long cross country flights
  • Have clear judgment in the air. We will mostly fly early morning and late evening. Yet, it may get turbulent, just like anywhere else. Whenever you feel unsafe, stay on the ground or go for landing.  In general, we will seek only good weather for flying and find other exciting activities in case of rain or high winds.
  • You are expected to know your gear and take care of it. Please make pre-flight checks every time, report any issue or concern regarding the gear. Make sure you are safe.


  • You are expected to succeed in vast majority of your take-offs on the first try. We cannot let all others burn fuel waiting too long for you. And of course you do not want to miss those great flights!
  • Some take-off spots are tight and demanding for kiting skills (a narrow dirt road as a runway with slightly side wind). Make sure you are confident in reverse take-offs too.
  • Ability to handle turbulence: We want to maximize our paramotor experience and thus we fly in non-perfect conditions too. We would feel sorry for you for skipping the flights just because you are not comfortable to handle higher winds or moderate turbulence.


  • experience in long cross-country flying
  • paragliding experience or SIV
  • skilled to manage full-load nil-wind takeoffs and landings
  • skilled to managed spot landings

Unsupported cross-country adventures


Congratulations, so you have the balls to fly unsupported! No need for our help then. We are excited to learn about your adventure, make sure you share your experience with us!