Javi Malaguita Tejeiro Lopez became a SCOUT pilot!

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One of the best acro pilots in Spain and probably in the world Javi Malaguita became a SCOUT pilot.

So expect new exciting video footage and advendtures. Here are just a few videos showing the genius and braveness of this guy, yet with the new SCOUT with some special “Malaguita” features, expect more to come!

Javi´s First Words

The first thing I have to say about the Scout is that it is gorgeous!!! Apart from being incredibly sexy it´s also efficient and effective. You can basically forget about all the problems you have with other paramotors, like the torque effect for example. Normally, the inertia of the engine would push you all over the place. It´s easier to turn to the right than to the left on other paramotors but the Scout´s amazing torque effect compensation means that you have equal turning capability and level flight. Anyone who tries the Scout will be very impressed by its stability, weight, position and gentleness.

Technicalities aside, it´s the most comfortable paramotor I have ever flown. Now that I have flown the Scout I don´t want to fly anything else, not now or ever.

I want to thank Scout Paramotors for giving me my wings. Not only have you made me extremely happy but I want to say thank you on behalf of the sport I am in love with for collaborating and helping promote it. We need more companies like Scout, companies willing to fight for innovation, progress and evolution.
You can take my word for it when I say I have flown many different paramotors and pushed them to the limit but Scout is, without a doubt, the best.

It makes me very proud and fills me with joy to be part of the Scout family, thank you so much. My main priority now is to make the Scout proud and contribute as much as I can. We are going to make history…watch this space!!

Javi is also distributor of SCOUT in Spain.

So do not hesitate to contact him if you are interested:
mobile 0034 666713587




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