Infinity on SCOUT!

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SCOUT pilot Javi Malaguita took his paramotor for the first flight and he started with the most difficult and most dangerous acro maneuver – the infinity.

The SCOUT frame and harness has passed the 1900 kg load test in Czech republic recently. The infinity was not a test of SCOUT’s build quality. We knew it will last.


 Here are Javi’s first words after flight:

“The first flight and the first infinity with the SCOUT was the most incredible sensation of my life. The best flight. I don’t want to stop doing this ever, this is what I most like to do. With SCOUT FLYING isn’t just something magical, it can not be described in words. You have to try it to understand it. I loved it and I am in love with it, doing the acrobatics! The video will soon be ready”[authentic, unedited]

“El primer vuelo y el primer infinfity con el SCOUT, increibles sensaciones, las mejores de toda mi vida volando no quiero dejar de hacer esto nunca, es lo que mas me gusta. Con el SCOUT volar no es sólo algo magico sino que no se puede describir con palabras. Hay que probarlo para saber lo que es. Me ha encantado y me ha enamorado haciendo las acrobacias”

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Oh, Javi, please wear a helmet:-)