Infinity on SCOUT – the video is here!

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First Flight, First Impressions

My first flight with the Scout….Absolutely Amazing. I got in my car and drove to my favourite launch site thinking…torque effect compensation…not sure about that one, will the Scout be able to handle all my acrobatics, will I have to adjust the angle of the prop, wait 4 seconds after turning the SafeStart…I´ll try not to forget!

To be honest I was restless and a bit nervous, restless due to all those questions in my head, the uncertainty. If anything happened to my new baby…it would be awful.

The moment I took off and the Scout flew level without me making it…mamma mia, I could hardly believe it. The precision, the strength, the delicateness all at the same time was thrilling. But the Infinity was even better, it was definitely (and I know this sounds exaggerated – but it´s true) the best moment of my life up until now! I felt so comfortable, I could feel the glider as if it were part of me. A bit like driving a Ferrari… how could you ever compare.



If I am to be completely honest, I never thought I could or would find a paramotor like the Scout. But I also know that if I read this I would think that it was a bit exaggerated and taking that into account all I can say is that you have to try it to believe and understand it.