Improvement of harness setting: check out this video.

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We have recently made an improvement in our harness setting.

The harness now tightly connected to the frame and it gives the pilot a better feeling in the air. The paramotor feels like united with pilot’s body.
We recommend to all SCOUT riders to do this modification. It takes only few minutes and this video shows how.


How to do:

  1. Uninstall the straps that connect the harness to the bottom of the frame.
  2. instead of having them paralell (right strap to right tube + left strap to left tube) place them to make a cross pattern. Connect the right strap to the left-middle tube. COnnnect the left strap to the right-middle tube.
  3. make sure the straps are long enough to enable movement of the seat board up and down for take-off and landing.


Other adjustments:

Set the carabiner position properly according to your weight. Please, make a hang test before the first flight. Make sure you put the straps holding the carabiner exactly in the same pattern.

Set the backpack-straps shorter for taxi, takeoff and landing. Release them in flight a little to enable free body movement and weight-shift. Because weight-shift is so much fun. That’s why.


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