Iceland: The best paramotor adventure ever

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Iceland is a different world, almost a different planet.
Volcanoes, waterfalls, glaciers, mountains, black beaches, northern lights across the night sky and so much more! JOIN US HERE!:…

Eleven pilots from the across the globe meet up in Iceland for an epic adventure. We flew big glaciers falling down from the peaks, black sand beaches with blueness in the water, huge waterfalls falling straight down into the ocean, volcanos in the middle of wasteland and thats just a fraction of what we have seen! Cant wait for next Iceland adventure!

Thanks to Ryan Southwell for stunnig footage and Nick Radford for an amazing pictures.

Pilots: Miroslav Svec, Matej Roder, Ryan Southwell, Tucker Gott, Shane Denherder, Nick Radford, Robert Laburda, Peter Szabo, Byron Leisek, Travis Haley, Matus Drotar.

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