How to start the Moster Plus and prevent starter damage.

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Miroslav Svec, SCOUT lead designer, explains how to start the new Vittorazi Moster Plus engine and not break the starter.

Starting of the new Moster Plus is a little different

…because it has a clutch and flash starter. Especially pilots used to the classic starter often do it wrong and may cause damage of the starter.

The flash starter has an extra spring inside. As you keep pulling, the starter does not make the engine run, it only accumulates tension int the spring. Then suddenly the spring releases all the energy to start the motor.
With a normal starter the engine will reach about 1500 RPM over longer pull. As one needs to accelerate the prop too, a lot more power and longer pull is needed.
With the flash starter it may reach up to 3000 RPM in a shorter time and it will start more easily.


So here is how to do it properly:

WARNING 1: have you kill switch in hand when starting the engine.

1. Pull gently until you feel the starter is engaged = white plastic teeth inside the starter will come out and in place and you will feel more resistance in the starter rope.

WARNING 2: if you pull too quickly and too hard at the beginning the white plastic teeth will be stressed and will be worn out soon.

2. If the starter engaged too late and you have lot of rope pulled out, release it and repeat

3. Give it a short pull, about 50-60 centimetres. There is no need to pull any longer.

WARNING 3: if you pull too long till the end of the rope, with too much force you may tear the rope out of the plastic pulley.

To summarize:

Do not pull quick from beginning,
Do not pull as long as on classic starters.
With proper procedure, the Moster Plus is very easy to start.


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