How to install the SCOUT water rescue system inside the harness

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In this video We will show you how to properly install the SCOUT water rescue system inside your harness.
You will need a:
– Harness (obviously)
– Water Rescue System with all its components (obviously again)
– Wrench 10 mm
– Two hands (preferably your own)
Te installation is simple and easy should not take you more than 10 minutes to do.
First you will have to install the inflator to the bladder (that big orange thingy that inflates). After that is done you can go to step two, where you install the whole system to your harness, with the help of the two yellow cables provided inside the kit. Once you do that, enclose the system inside the harness. Make sure not roll the bladder, but fold it like the ribs of an accordion are folded. When this is done,t here is one more little thing left to do, and that is to secure the release trigger on the right spot.
Thats it, now you are done. Hopefully you will have to not use W.R. S.