Late Evening Acro

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This is Javier Malaguita Tejeiro Lopez performing infinity thumbling, helico, SAT.....  One of the best acrobatic paramotor pilots in the world and a SCOUT team pilot. Watch his late evening flight over the beautiful Dubai. The Scenery is just breathtaking.

Cade Palmer our new Team Pilot

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Cade palmer is the new team pilot for SCOUT paramotors. Cade has been flying for nearly 10 years now. He is from Boise, Idaho USA. we caught up with him to have a little chit-chat and see what he has to say about his new SCOUT paramotor. Hi Cade it is a pleasure to have you on our team. Q: Hi Cade it is a pleasure to have you on our team. My  first question would be, who or how you have been introduced to this sport and how long you have been flying?  A: I have been around aviation my whole life. … Continued

Infinity on SCOUT – the video is here!

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First Flight, First Impressions My first flight with the Scout….Absolutely Amazing. I got in my car and drove to my favourite launch site thinking…torque effect compensation…not sure about that one, will the Scout be able to handle all my acrobatics, will I have to adjust the angle of the prop, wait 4 seconds after turning the SafeStart…I´ll try not to forget! To be honest I was restless and a bit nervous, restless due to all those questions in my head, the uncertainty. If anything happened to my new baby…it would be awful. The moment I took off and the Scout … Continued

Infinity on SCOUT!

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SCOUT pilot Javi Malaguita took his paramotor for the first flight and he started with the most difficult and most dangerous acro maneuver – the infinity. The SCOUT frame and harness has passed the 1900 kg load test in Czech republic recently. The infinity was not a test of SCOUT’s build quality. We knew it will last.    Here are Javi’s first words after flight: “The first flight and the first infinity with the SCOUT was the most incredible sensation of my life. The best flight. I don’t want to stop doing this ever, this is what I most like … Continued