Are you adventurist? Around Slovakia 2018 Scout Adventure

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We did this route countless times, but it still amazed us! Trip around Slovakia is on of many you have to experience in your lifetime. If you want to join us, you can during september, for more info :… Castles, lakes, endless meadows and long rivers, mountains with white peaks and sharp rocks. We all experienced this during out trip again! Over 5 days we saw the whole country form above and on top of that, we had a great food, top spa and the most important, the best group of scout pilots! JOIN US! For more info contact us … Continued

Rivers, Alps, Venice. Paramotor adventure Italy 2018 SCOUT Paramotor

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Do you want to join us on adventures? Next one is SLOVAKIA TRIP during september:… 8 pilots, 8 SCOUTS, endless memories and the best of all is, that you are sharing the air with friends. Thats how the paramotor trips looks like. Are comming with us next time? For more info contact us on: Visit: Facebook: Instagram:…

Iceland: The best paramotor adventure ever

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Iceland is a different world, almost a different planet. Volcanoes, waterfalls, glaciers, mountains, black beaches, northern lights across the night sky and so much more! JOIN US HERE!:… Eleven pilots from the across the globe meet up in Iceland for an epic adventure. We flew big glaciers falling down from the peaks, black sand beaches with blueness in the water, huge waterfalls falling straight down into the ocean, volcanos in the middle of wasteland and thats just a fraction of what we have seen! Cant wait for next Iceland adventure! Thanks to Ryan Southwell for stunnig footage and Nick Radford … Continued

140kg + U-Turn Thriller 21,5m ACRO SPICY!!! SCOUT Paramotors

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One shor flight with acro glider over the airfield. Yes, it was FUN! See more in video!   Stay tuned for more videos!!! Feel free to have any question at or ask for a demo flight at Like our facebook page:

ALL IN ONE! Epic bivouac paramotor adventure above the clouds! SCOUT Paramotors

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YES! As we sad in the title, during this epic adventure, we tried it ALL!!! Flying through Low Tatras, beautiful castles and lakes, flying above the clouds and the big monuments as High Tatras is! We top landed on top of the beautiful mountain and make a camp there for night, we make camfire there, slept only in our sleeping bags and next morning flew over with our paramotors. It was great trip! Can’t wait for next one! Are you going to join us? Feel free to have any question at or ask for a demo flight at … Continued

Late Evening Acro

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This is Javier Malaguita Tejeiro Lopez performing infinity thumbling, helico, SAT.....  One of the best acrobatic paramotor pilots in the world and a SCOUT team pilot. Watch his late evening flight over the beautiful Dubai. The Scenery is just breathtaking.

The Toll Road

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Paramotoring in a way you have never seen before. A movie, that will change your point of view on this sport forever. A documentary if you like, about an adventure across the American southwest with breathtaking scenery above the beautiful Monument Valley, Salt Flats, Burning man festival and others. A movie with, extraordinary pilots, outstanding action and locations like no other. We could not think a better way of representing this sport better than with the TOLL ROAD movie. Special thanks to Ryan Southwell, TEAM FLY HALO, and everybody who helped in the creation of this tribute to Jeff Toll … Continued

SCOUT, company holidays

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As much as we love serving you guys we like to go on holidays and fly some more too.  Please be advised that our business offices and production facilities will be closed, from 16th of August till the 31st of August to replenish our energy reservoirs.  In this time we will not be able to process orders from customers and dealers. You can still contact us with you enquiry, we will be more than happy to help but please be patient as answering you questions may take bit longer as usual. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

SCOUT intro and outro for your videos

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Do you have a SCOUT video but you dont have an intro or an outro? Or you just want to show everybody what you are flying with? No problem, we have a solution for you. The SCOUT video intro and outro. It is now available for download, in HD quality only 1.3 Mb and in MP4 format. Easy to download easy to store and easy to use. Get yours now...well download yours now its completely free. DOWNLOAD IT HERE
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