BEST safety features on paramotor you can get! SCOUT Paramotors

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Byron Leisek: ,,This machine is 100% intuitive when it comes to first flights!,, We know that safety is the most important feature on your paramotor and we have some key characteristics of SCOUT! It starts with a small and unique computer SAFE START that can prevent against unwanted injuries, under the seat container for your reserve parachute, integrated inflatable vest in case of water landings, unique dynamic torque compensation which we think is as handling feature as safety feature too and many many more! See the video and all the safety features in it! Stay tuned for more videos!!! Feel … Continued

The most comfortable paramotor SCOUT paramotors

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Long cross country flight with SCOUT harness will no longer be a torture. Harness made of the top quality materials and using the high end technologies is making from the SCOUT harness the most comfortable harness in which you can enjoy hours and hours of flying without experiencing the body fatique. Feel free to have questions at or ask for a demo flight at