Free upgrade!!!

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Who qualifies for this much needed free upgrade? All our customers who bought a SCOUT paramotor with a Vitorazzi Moster plus engine till March of 2015. To enquire your free upgrade just give us a shout or contact your nearest dealer.  You can contact us Via Facebook or e-mail ( Enquire your free upgrade today.

SCOUT Enduro with Polini 250

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The SCOUT Enduro  is now available with one the most powerful paramotor engines around.  We have tested the polini 250 for more than 30 hours in flight with all its 36+ horses. It flies great has a lot of torque and our dynamic torque compensation works with this engine just like with the other.  Combine the SCOUT Enduro with this engine a 3 blade prop. and you will have a top of the class paramotor for slalom and competition flying. The polini 250 come s in two variations: Polini thor 250, Polini thor 250 dual spark. Ploini Thor 250 Dual … Continued

SCOUT at Pararudniki expo. together with DYNAMIC SPORT

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SCOUT paramotrs was present on the biggest paramotoring expo. in Poland called the Pararudniki. We have met with the newly signed dealer for the Polish region,and displayed the SCOUT to the local paramotoring audience together width Dynamicsport. The festival took 2 days on an ex-military airfield in Rudniki. Teamed up with Dynamic sport (unfortunately our Polish language knowledge is not the best) we have talked to quite a lot of people, pilots, and maybe future customers as well explaining and answering nearly all the questions they  asked us.   All the positive feedback we have received during these two days … Continued


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This is our newest product the MAGIC COVER (does no magic at all, just sound cool). – Protect your paramotor from, sunlight and rain ,   – Pack away and Transport your cage assembly   – Use it as a quick pack for your glider.   If you would like to get one, just contact your nearest SCOUT dealer. Oh and by the way, the MAGIC COVER comes free with every SCOUT paramotor (Or the cage bags. The decision is up to you which freebie you choose). Please, subscribe to our Youtube channel so you don’t miss our next tips … Continued

Dynamic Sport Became as exclusive SCOUT dealer in Poland.

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We are more than happy to announce that Dynamic Sport became our exclusive dealer for the Polish area. We have met With Agata and Wojciech Pierzynski  (the owners of  Dynamic Sport who both fly  paramtors), on the PARARUDNIKI festival, and displayed the SCOUT paramotors together. These guys (wife and husband by the way) are absolutely superb nice people with great customer support and a successful background in paramotoring. Make sure to check out their Website ( and facebook page for more info. We are sure to look forward to a great business partnership.

What other pilots have to say after the first flights with the SCOUT paramotor.

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See what other pilots have to say about the SCOUT paramtor they have flown. ”There is no torque, nothing…..awesome.” Griffin Isbell (paramotor pilot tested flied the scout at Beach Blast USA 2015) ”It is really weird to do full throttle turns on both diredctions…..Since there was no torque on turns the weight-shift felt a lot smoother, there was no resistance…..I think its one of the most Comfortable paramotors i have ever flown just because those deatils.” Noe Chapparo (paramotor pilot testing the SCOUT at Beach Blast USA 2015)

Cade Palmer our new Team Pilot

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Cade palmer is the new team pilot for SCOUT paramotors. Cade has been flying for nearly 10 years now. He is from Boise, Idaho USA. we caught up with him to have a little chit-chat and see what he has to say about his new SCOUT paramotor. Hi Cade it is a pleasure to have you on our team. Q: Hi Cade it is a pleasure to have you on our team. My  first question would be, who or how you have been introduced to this sport and how long you have been flying?  A: I have been around aviation my whole life. … Continued

SCOUT carbon paramotor is looking for importers and dealers worldwide

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SCOUT carbon paramotor is the most innovative paramotor of today. Just to name a few outstanding features: DYNAMIC TORQUE COMPENSATION – unique feeling in the air. SAFE-START HYBRID-BARS for amazing handling made of in beautiful carbon finish Why should you become a SCOUT dealer? If you want to sell (and fly for yourself) the best paramotor on the market, get the SCOUT. Even if you are selling other paramotor brands, SCOUT may fit into your portfolio as a high end paramotor. You may offer the SCOUT as a premium product and other brands as an economy option. SCOUT is a … Continued

The Biwak Harness

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Your perfect companion on those cold weather cross-country flights. The harness features superb cockpit space, reduces aerodynamic drag, and it is equipped with two 5 liter pockets for more storage. Unfortunately we don’t know the official release date yet as as it is still in development but we know that it is going to fit on every SOCUT paramotor. Just like the one shown in the video   For more info please hop on to our Austrian SCOUT dealers site at

SCOUT Innovation> The Hybrid Bars

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Handling has always been our priority and we have brought another innovation to life. The SCOUT Hybrid Bars. Before you get deep into this topic, we recommend to read this post that explains all current hook-in systems. You will find description and comparison of different options here> Different paramotor hook-in (hangpoints) systems compared and explained.   Why Hybrid? We call them Hybrid bars because they combine two materials> aluminium bars and strong straps. We call them Hybrid bars because they combine advantages of two systems> 1. weight-shift ability of the low hang-point systems 2. stability of the goose-neck bars Strange words for … Continued

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