Cade Palmer our new Team Pilot

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Cade palmer is the new team pilot for SCOUT paramotors. Cade has been flying for nearly 10 years now. He is from Boise, Idaho USA. we caught up with him to have a little chit-chat and see what he has to say about his new SCOUT paramotor.

Hi Cade it is a pleasure to have you on our team.

Q: Hi Cade it is a pleasure to have you on our team. My  first question would be, who or how you have been introduced to this sport and how long you have been flying? 

A: I have been around aviation my whole life. My father was a fighter pilot and I was able to spend time in low flying aircraft from a very young age. I saw paragliding for the first time when      I was 11 years old at the point of the mountain in Salt Lake City, Utah and new right then it was something I had to try. My older brother is a professional skydiver and I started hanging            out at drop zones and packing parachutes at 15. I made it back to the point of the mountain to try paragliding for the first time on my 19th birthday and have been hooked ever since. 


Q: What was the first acro maneuver you have mastered?

A: The first trick I made my self learn thoroughly was wing overs. I made sure I could do them as big as possible smoothly and symmetrically. They teach you a lot about how to handle the            speed and energy of your wing and doing them well will help in almost every other trick. I don’t feel like I have mastered any of the tricks though, I feel there is always room for                              improvement even in the simple moves. I don’t want to be trapped into thinking I’m finished learning. 

Q: What do you think about your new SCOUT paramotor? 

A: I am loving the new scout. It’s comfortable on the ground and in the air, it’s easy to start, and has more power than I need.

Q: Is it any different from other parmotors?

A: Yes. I find it much different from any other paramotor I have flown. It’s the closest feeling to freeflight I have had with any paramotor. The torque compensation makes it a dream to fly              both with my acro glider and on the motor specific wings. 

Q: What do you like the most about you paramotor?

A:  I like the comfort of it. And it’s free flight weightshift feel

Q: To who would you recommend SCOUT paramotrs and why? 

A: To intermediate and above free flight based pilots looking for something that gives a similar feeling in the air to what they are used to. The slightly reclined position, low hang points, lack of             torque, and weight shift ability make it the ideal choice.

Q: We know that you and your scout are in a fresh relationship but  Have you advanced in any way (paramotoring wise 😀 ) since you fly the SCOUT?

A: For sure, having a motor I know I can count on has pushed me to longer flights and more confidence while doing acro.
Q:  Do not want to bother you too much, i see you are quite busy.  So my last question would be,  what do you think where paramotoring is going to evolve?

A: I hope to see advancement in electric motors and battery technology to make it possible to ditch the fossil fuels.