The Biwak Harness

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Your perfect companion on those cold weather cross-country flights. The harness features superb cockpit space, reduces aerodynamic drag, and it is equipped with two 5 liter pockets for more storage. Unfortunately we don’t know the official release date yet as as it is still in development but we know that it is going to fit on every SOCUT paramotor. Just like the one shown in the video

biwak-Harness-Stefan-berger-paramotor-austria-4 biwak-Harness-Stefan-berger-paramotor-austria-3 biwak-Harness-Stefan-berger-paramotor-austria-2 biwak-Harness-Stefan-berger-paramotor-austria biwak-Harness-Stefan-berger-paramotor-austria-5


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