What other pilots have to say after the first flights with the SCOUT paramotor.

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See what other pilots have to say about the SCOUT paramtor they have flown. ”There is no torque, nothing…..awesome.” Griffin Isbell (paramotor pilot tested flied the scout at Beach Blast USA 2015) ”It is really weird to do full throttle turns on both diredctions…..Since there was no torque on turns the weight-shift felt a lot smoother, there was no resistance…..I think its one of the most Comfortable paramotors i have ever flown just because those deatils.” Noe Chapparo (paramotor pilot testing the SCOUT at Beach Blast USA 2015)

Improvement of harness setting: check out this video.

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  We have recently made an improvement in our harness setting. The harness now tightly connected to the frame and it gives the pilot a better feeling in the air. The paramotor feels like united with pilot’s body. We recommend to all SCOUT riders to do this modification. It takes only few minutes and this video shows how.   How to do: Uninstall the straps that connect the harness to the bottom of the frame. instead of having them paralell (right strap to right tube + left strap to left tube) place them to make a cross pattern. Connect the … Continued

How to start the Moster Plus and prevent starter damage.

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Miroslav Svec, SCOUT lead designer, explains how to start the new Vittorazi Moster Plus engine and not break the starter. Starting of the new Moster Plus is a little different ...because it has a clutch and flash starter. Especially pilots used to the classic starter often do it wrong and may cause damage of the starter. The flash starter has an extra spring inside. As you keep pulling, the starter does not make the engine run, it only accumulates tension int the spring. Then suddenly the spring releases all the energy to start the motor. With a normal starter the … Continued

Cade Palmer our new Team Pilot

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Cade palmer is the new team pilot for SCOUT paramotors. Cade has been flying for nearly 10 years now. He is from Boise, Idaho USA. we caught up with him to have a little chit-chat and see what he has to say about his new SCOUT paramotor. Hi Cade it is a pleasure to have you on our team. Q: Hi Cade it is a pleasure to have you on our team. My  first question would be, who or how you have been introduced to this sport and how long you have been flying?  A: I have been around aviation my whole life. … Continued

SCOUT carbon paramotor is looking for importers and dealers worldwide

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SCOUT carbon paramotor is the most innovative paramotor of today. Just to name a few outstanding features: DYNAMIC TORQUE COMPENSATION – unique feeling in the air. SAFE-START HYBRID-BARS for amazing handling made of in beautiful carbon finish Why should you become a SCOUT dealer? If you want to sell (and fly for yourself) the best paramotor on the market, get the SCOUT. Even if you are selling other paramotor brands, SCOUT may fit into your portfolio as a high end paramotor. You may offer the SCOUT as a premium product and other brands as an economy option. SCOUT is a … Continued

The Biwak Harness

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Your perfect companion on those cold weather cross-country flights. The harness features superb cockpit space, reduces aerodynamic drag, and it is equipped with two 5 liter pockets for more storage. Unfortunately we don’t know the official release date yet as as it is still in development but we know that it is going to fit on every SOCUT paramotor. Just like the one shown in the video   For more info please hop on to our Austrian SCOUT dealers site at www.paramotoraustria.com

SCOUT Innovation> The Hybrid Bars

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Handling has always been our priority and we have brought another innovation to life. The SCOUT Hybrid Bars. Before you get deep into this topic, we recommend to read this post that explains all current hook-in systems. You will find description and comparison of different options here> Different paramotor hook-in (hangpoints) systems compared and explained.   Why Hybrid? We call them Hybrid bars because they combine two materials> aluminium bars and strong straps. We call them Hybrid bars because they combine advantages of two systems> 1. weight-shift ability of the low hang-point systems 2. stability of the goose-neck bars Strange words for … Continued

The new SCOUT Enduro is here!

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  Compared to SCOUT carbon cage: > same amazing flight characteristics:-) > a lot stronger 🙂 Well recommended for beginners! > easier to repair:-) > more affordable spare parts:-) > the netting tangles a little:-( > 2,5 kg heavier 🙁 – this includes the enduro stand > compatible with all types of engines – it is possible to switch for clockwise/counter-clockwise engines:-)                              

Advanced steering system for slalom gliders – invented by Miroslav Svec

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New advanced steering system invented by Miroslav Svec SCOUT paramotor lead designer   The reason. Slalom flying is dangerous as it combines flying at full speed with tight turns and hard braking very low to the ground. Advanced slalom gliders are not allowed to pull brakes at full speed as it would cause immediate collapse. Such pilot error could happen very easily because pylon racing is very fast and pilots are flying at the very edge of glider’s safety range. The advantage of the invention> With this new steering system it is not possible to pull the brake while on speedbar. … Continued

The Scout at FIA El Yelmo

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  We hope you enjoy this video of Javi and his Scout at the Yelmo Festival. This video is in memory of Darío Barrio,  our thoughts go to his family.

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