60 HP SCOUT prototype !!!!!

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This is not a joke. We made it! Javier Malaguita flew it. Foot launched. The German designed and made Aixro XR50 competition gokart engine has been fitted to our team pilots SCOUT Paramotor.  The XR 50 wankel (rotary) engine is 294 ccm. Special tuning and modification for get 60 horsepower. Incredible power and "moto GP" sound. This certainly is a rocket category

SCOUT, company holidays

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As much as we love serving you guys we like to go on holidays and fly some more too.  Please be advised that our business offices and production facilities will be closed, from 16th of August till the 31st of August to replenish our energy reservoirs.  In this time we will not be able to process orders from customers and dealers. You can still contact us with you enquiry, we will be more than happy to help but please be patient as answering you questions may take bit longer as usual. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

SCOUT intro and outro for your videos

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Do you have a SCOUT video but you dont have an intro or an outro? Or you just want to show everybody what you are flying with? No problem, we have a solution for you. The SCOUT video intro and outro. It is now available for download, in HD quality only 1.3 Mb and in MP4 format. Easy to download easy to store and easy to use. Get yours now...well download yours now its completely free. DOWNLOAD IT HERE

Free upgrade!!!

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Who qualifies for this much needed free upgrade? All our customers who bought a SCOUT paramotor with a Vitorazzi Moster plus engine till March of 2015. To enquire your free upgrade just give us a shout or contact your nearest dealer.  You can contact us Via Facebook or e-mail (info@scoutparamotor.com). Enquire your free upgrade today.

SCOUT Enduro with Polini 250

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The SCOUT Enduro  is now available with one the most powerful paramotor engines around.  We have tested the polini 250 for more than 30 hours in flight with all its 36+ horses. It flies great has a lot of torque and our dynamic torque compensation works with this engine just like with the other.  Combine the SCOUT Enduro with this engine a 3 blade prop. and you will have a top of the class paramotor for slalom and competition flying. The polini 250 come s in two variations: Polini thor 250, Polini thor 250 dual spark. Ploini Thor 250 Dual … Continued

How to install the SCOUT water rescue system inside the harness

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In this video We will show you how to properly install the SCOUT water rescue system inside your harness. You will need a: – Harness (obviously) – Water Rescue System with all its components (obviously again) – Wrench 10 mm – Two hands (preferably your own) Te installation is simple and easy should not take you more than 10 minutes to do. First you will have to install the inflator to the bladder (that big orange thingy that inflates). After that is done you can go to step two, where you install the whole system to your harness, with the … Continued

How to assemble the SCOUT Enduro Cage

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In this video you will see how to assemble the SCOUT Enduro cage the right way. If you will follow these few easy steps we are quite sure, it will not take you more than 3 minutes to complete the assembly of the Enduro Cage. – first comes the bottom section of the cage – than you will do the spars of the cage – as the next step you will have to put the ring sections in place (one by one) – Now you have to connect them all together (possibly this is the trickiest part) – The only … Continued

SCOUT at Pararudniki expo. together with DYNAMIC SPORT

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SCOUT paramotrs was present on the biggest paramotoring expo. in Poland called the Pararudniki. We have met with the newly signed dealer for the Polish region,and displayed the SCOUT to the local paramotoring audience together width Dynamicsport. The festival took 2 days on an ex-military airfield in Rudniki. Teamed up with Dynamic sport (unfortunately our Polish language knowledge is not the best) we have talked to quite a lot of people, pilots, and maybe future customers as well explaining and answering nearly all the questions they  asked us.   All the positive feedback we have received during these two days … Continued


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This is our newest product the MAGIC COVER (does no magic at all, just sound cool). – Protect your paramotor from, sunlight and rain ,   – Pack away and Transport your cage assembly   – Use it as a quick pack for your glider.   If you would like to get one, just contact your nearest SCOUT dealer. Oh and by the way, the MAGIC COVER comes free with every SCOUT paramotor (Or the cage bags. The decision is up to you which freebie you choose). Please, subscribe to our Youtube channel so you don’t miss our next tips … Continued

Dynamic Sport Became as exclusive SCOUT dealer in Poland.

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We are more than happy to announce that Dynamic Sport became our exclusive dealer for the Polish area. We have met With Agata and Wojciech Pierzynski  (the owners of  Dynamic Sport who both fly  paramtors), on the PARARUDNIKI festival, and displayed the SCOUT paramotors together. These guys (wife and husband by the way) are absolutely superb nice people with great customer support and a successful background in paramotoring. Make sure to check out their Website (dynamicpsort.co.pl) and facebook page for more info. We are sure to look forward to a great business partnership.

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