Paramotor geometry part 19: Why being reclined is inefficient?

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Being reclined by 10 to 12 degrees is pretty safe, but in this episode, we will explain, that is inefficient and slow! Flying perfectly straight is the most efficient and most safe way how to fly, but not the most comfortable. Today we will explain, how reclaiming your paramotor by 10 to 12 degrees will influence your paramotor and your efficiency. In the final conclusion we found out some pretty interesting results! Stay with us and you will learn more! Should you have questions, pleasse leave a comment. Thanks for watching Thanks for sharing Hit the subscribe button so you … Continued

Late Evening Acro

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This is Javier Malaguita Tejeiro Lopez performing infinity thumbling, helico, SAT.....  One of the best acrobatic paramotor pilots in the world and a SCOUT team pilot. Watch his late evening flight over the beautiful Dubai. The Scenery is just breathtaking.

The Toll Road

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Paramotoring in a way you have never seen before. A movie, that will change your point of view on this sport forever. A documentary if you like, about an adventure across the American southwest with breathtaking scenery above the beautiful Monument Valley, Salt Flats, Burning man festival and others. A movie with, extraordinary pilots, outstanding action and locations like no other. We could not think a better way of representing this sport better than with the TOLL ROAD movie. Special thanks to Ryan Southwell, TEAM FLY HALO, and everybody who helped in the creation of this tribute to Jeff Toll … Continued

The Middle East Extreme Sports Expo.

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The Middle East Extreme Sports Expo gathered together the extreme, action, outdoor and adventure sport companies and communities for 3 days. The 2015 Middle East Extreme Sports Expo was organised held together  with the 2015 FAI Dubai World Air Games. Covering the extreme sports of land, sea and the most important part the AIR.  The Middle East Extreme Sports Expo is an event that was not missed by the region’s thrill seekers and international exhibitors. The Dubai International Marine Club was the venue for the 2015 Middle East Extreme Sports Expo. The venue took place on a whopping 8,000 square meters. … Continued

How to change the netting

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In this tutorial video we will show you how to change the netting on your SCOUT paramotor the right way. Things and tools you are going to need: The broken part New replacement part 14 pieces of Dyneema netting loops 14 pieces of rivets. 2.4mmx6mm in size (with black dome if possible)   Scissors Rivet Gun First step: To be able to fit the netting on the new part we will have to remove it from the broken  section by cutting off the dyneema loops that connect the netting with the outer hoop section. Once the cutting procedure has been done … Continued

The NEW SCOUT Enduro

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Here is a little help There is a difference other than the one on the right is called OLD and the one on the right is called NEW. Both of them are nearly the same machine. They share the same engines, harnesses, bars fuel tanks and all that. In Fact, the NEW Enduro flies just as good as the old one (maybe even better). Everything is identical except one detail that you won´t be able to tell just by looking at it. The NEW SCOUT Enduro is lighter, and stronger as the old one. The weight saving (off course without cutting any … Continued

A paramotor race like no other

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The toughest, longest  and possibly  one of the hardest paramotor race on the world . That or this is the ICARUS Trophy!! A race like no other, where the pilots fly  from dusk till dawn across the wilderness of USA, from Eatonville,WA to Valley Springs, CA. So, who was able to take part/enter the ICARUS  Trophy? Literally anybody, with a paramotor, a valid licence, a massive pair of balls and a good amount of  bravery. Good amount of bravery and that balls thing, but why? Just imagine yourself sitting in a harness from 8 to 10 hours a day, couple of … Continued

How to install the reserve parachute

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You have purchased a reserve parachute and dont now how to install it? This video will provide you with the much needed info to do it the right way. To mount you reserve parachute in to the SCOUT Harness you will need a reserve parachute (obviously), a pair of small rubber loops (to secure the bridles in place) and a pair of shoelaces. First step: You will have to do is open the shoulder-straps on the harness and the protective bridle tunnel, to gain access to the existing bridles. If your reserve parachute has its own bridles , you will … Continued

The Vittorazzi V-throttle now as standard with every SCOUT paramotor

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At SCOUT paramotors we always like to raise the customer satisfaction bar. For that reason now every  SCOUT paramotor will come with one of the best throttle options around the  Vitorazzi V-Throttle.  It is made out of strong nylon, the touch is good with a grippy feel and  the placement of  the stop button is well thought out so that it is very difficult to press it by mistake.    


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Have you ever had the problem of finding the right manual or instructional video  for your SCOUT  paramotor? You dont have to worry anymore, because we have you covered.   The only thing you have to do is to navigate to SCOUTPARAMOTOR.COM  and click on the instructions section. There you will find all your manuals and even Instructional videos we have created specially for you to make your paramotoring life easier. For all your manuals click here For all your instructional videos click here
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