Advanced steering system for slalom gliders – invented by Miroslav Svec

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New advanced steering system

invented by Miroslav Svec

SCOUT paramotor lead designer


The reason.

Slalom flying is dangerous as it combines flying at full speed with tight turns and hard braking very low to the ground. Advanced slalom gliders are not allowed to pull brakes at full speed as it would cause immediate collapse. Such pilot error could happen very easily because pylon racing is very fast and pilots are flying at the very edge of glider’s safety range.

The advantage of the invention>

With this new steering system it is not possible to pull the brake while on speedbar.

> pylon racers may fly safer as the risk of collapses due to pilot error is minimal

> racer can fly faster as they can set the trimmers higher without increasing risks


See how it works>


See how it is made>

Note> I have installed the PK  system on my glider that transfers the movement of the speedbar to the trimmers. The new advanced steering system works the same way without the PK, but the PK is a very big improvement.

The new system consits of following components>

1. a pulley (P1)fixed to the trimmer stopper

2. a line connected to the mailon on the B riser, then goes through the pulley P1 with a pulley on the end (P2)

3. a pulley (P3) attached onto the B riser

4. brake line (I had to use a longer line) that goes through the P2, then through the P3 and tied to the toggle

5. Tip-steering-line tied to the toggle.


This is how it looks at slow speed>


At full speed>

When pushing speed bar this happens:

1. The A and B riser go down. C and D go up with the PK system.

2. The mailon on the B riser comes very close to the trim stopper

3. The pulley P2 goes up and the brake line does not have to travel down and back again. This makes it effectively longer by about 40-50 cm. In flight, the excess brake line is pulled away by drag so there is no risk of the line getting tangled.

4. Pulling the toggle down cause only retraction of the excess brake line = so no effect on the brakes but it directly pulls the tip steering line

When you pull on the toggle, you immediately pull the tip-steering line but it has no effect on the brake. You can see how the brake line is loose>







Fly safe and enjoy>

This setup has been tested on Ozone Slalom 21 and Ozone Slalom 16 gliders. Worked like champ:-)


If have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me>

Miroslav Svec

+421 907 561 083



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