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The most expensive spare part is the time you stay grounded while watching your friends flying. We want you back in the air as soon as possible.

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SCOUT NXT – the ultimate adventure machine


True adventure aircraft, full carbon fiber with a bunch of new features never seen before on a paramotor and equipped with all you need for your big adventure.

‘’Whatever we do, we firstly challenge the limits that seem to be given.”

“For an aircraft to fly well, it must be beautiful.”

Marcel Dassault, (leading airplane designer 1892 – 1986)

We replaced aluminium and steel with carbon fiber and replaced the tubes with proper airfoil profile. We have defeated torque steer while other take it for granted. This how we have designed a machine so intuitive that you can fully focus on your flying experience.

We have turned paramotors into proper aircrafts. And yes, they are beautiful

Have the Best Paramotor Adventure of Your Life


Say no more: “I wish I had my paramotor here with me!”

Traveling with a paramotor may seem difficult or even impossible. Flying on your own on an unknown place might seem dagerous….but we made it easy (possible may sound more tempting, easy sounds to… easy ) for you.

Join our guided trips and have the best holiday of your life.

What is your next adventure?

Become a Paramotor Hero with AdventureWingman.org


No one has ever done anything like this before. Never ever there was an opportunity for regular pilots get sponsored. And yes, it seemed impossible but we made it real. AdventureWingman.org is a non-profit fund with estimated budget of 20,000 EUR for 2019 to sponsor paramotor adventures.

Now it’s your turn: What would be your challenge to become a Paramotor Hero?

Paramotor Knowledge Center


No, paramotors are not same by far! There are big differences.

We are disclosing all our knowhow about designing proper paramotors. We share all our knowledge about flight characteristics and safety…

Why would we share years of research and development publicly? Because we know that you need to understand your aircraft perfectly in order to be a perfect pilot. And to be a satisfied customer.