“SCOUT makes you a better pilot.”

Jeff Toll

The SCOUT really feels different in the air.
It feels like  a part of you.
It allows you to feel the glider
and advanced maneuvers are so easy.

Dynamic Torque Compensation …

This is a game-changer.
Airfoil-shaped profiles on the carbon frame are used to compensate torque in flight. Get rid of torque steer, steer the glider yourself. Enjoy.



“I had read about the torque technology and intentionally wanted to tested it out.
So when I hit the throttle you would feel a very slight tug (as long as it takes to blink) and then it would disappear.
It really works”

Ryan Southwell (Videographer and Paramotor Pilot)

Paramotor Geometry Redesigned


Geometry is the key behind the amazing feel of the paramotor.
All those little details that are so important for the feel in flight.
Propeller perfectly vertical and close to your body,
for maximum thrust and minimal gyroscopic effect


SCOUT is the ultimate handling machine

Explore the world

 What is your next destination?


Big things come in small packages.
Just pack your scout and take it with you anywhere.
Your Scout is the perfect companion for your trips.



We care for your safety. SafeStart, Carbon Back Protection Shield, carbon fibre cage, Dyneema netting, …


“Overall this machine meets more safety goals than any other machine I’ve tested.”

Jeff Goin, www.footflyer.com

The fact that it looks good
doesn’t hurt.

More than 50% of pilots that have tested the SCOUT have ordered one.

Not because it looks sexy. Because they felt the difference in the air.

There are plenty options.

Please check our SCOUT configurator here.

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