The SCOUT Team

We are based in Komarno, Slovakia, central Europe.
Please, do not hesitate to call: +421 907 561 083 (GMT+1)
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The SCOUT is proudly produced locally: Carbon fibre components, aluminium frame and the propeller are made in Slovakia, the engine is Italian, the harness is made in the Czech Republic.

There is a long tradition of paramotoring and aviation in general in the former Czechoslovakia. There are many manufacturers of paramotors such as Nirvana, Walkerjet or the Nimbus. There are world class manufacturers of paragliders in Czech republic: Sky, Gradient, Axis. The respected Dynamic ultralight aircraft is produced in Slovakia, and now the world's fastest ultralight as well - the Shark.


Our Team:

Miroslav Svec

designer, director

Miroslav is the chief designer of the SCOUT paramotor and author of most innovations. He is the representative of the pilot's point of view in our team. Miroslav is the one, that makes things complicated with new requirements and features. Miroslav is our test pilot. With a beautiful wife and three wonderful kids home he takes this role responsively:-)

Ondrej Mitter


Ondrej is a paramotor pilot since...well forever. He runs PPG and trike lessons as a certified paramotor instructor and is the official paramotor technician of the Slovak microlight aviation authority. He has a long record of building paramotors and two seat trikes in his garage and we value his input. He is Mr. No in our team as strength, safety and reliability is his main concern.

Jan Tulak

composite specialist

Jan is our valued composite specialist, he used to design and produce composite RC models and parts, where he gained lots of experience. Previously he designed molds and productions processes for the Shark - the fastest ultralight in the world. Jan is Mr. Yes in our team, making even the most complicated design features possible. The carbon fiber technology moved the paramotor design possibilities into a completely new world. With so many records in aviation, both in RC, paramotors and airplanes, Jan is not a pilot and afraid to fly. What a shame:-)

Javi Malaguita

team pilot

Javi Malaguita is one of the best acro pilots in the world. Welcome to our team! We look forward to seeing him in action, his bold acro and free spirit.

Born in Competa, a village in Malaga, Spain, (and that my friends explains his craziness). Javi has been flying since he was 14 years old. It all started when his dad, Manolo (who also flies) invited him to go with him to the coupe Icare in St Hilaire du Touvet, France in 2001. Javi, who was always looking for an excuse not to go to school, jumped at the opportunity. It was love at first sight and was then that he decided he was going to be the best he could be doing acro.

When he´s not driving the neighbours nuts testing out his paramotor´s engine or flying, he works as a mechanic in the family business in Competa alongside his two younger brothers. The three brothers fly together as the Malaguitas Team.

Javi isn´t married because he says that the love of his life, now and always, apart from his mother Pili, is his paramotor. It’s what makes him happy and he feels obligated to give it his all, his energy, his passion and share it with everyone around the world. Javi is convinced that he was born to fly and therefore needs to give it the respect and time it deserves. He promises to always give it his all and push all the boundaries to go that one step further. 

Javi is Mr: OF COURSE IT´S POSSIBLE, LET´S DO IT person in the team, not apt for the faint-hearted!